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Instagram, it seems a fickle and vapid beast. All selfies and food porn right?

Although there are plenty of posers and snaps of sunsets, there is also a unique and ever growing opportunity to directly reach your customer through indirect means, using carefully curated and original content. According to Shopify, Instagram referrals result in an average order value of US$65 - that’s huge! And that’s achieved by tapping into your customers WHY.

How can we help?

Dream & Do will look at your social media objectives and goals, create a brand persona and tone of voice, look at your competitors and come up with a positioning for you to stand out and grow your Instagram following.

We’ve done this for not only our company Instagram but for countless clients also.



Little Succers is same day succulent delivery service in Sydney & Melbourne, and was created by us, Dream & Do. Our side hustle has far exceeded expectations and now sends out orders every day in both Sydney and Melbourne. We contribute our success to the company’s strong brand identity, an identity which really shakes up the gifting market and cuts through the noise. Our Instagram strategy was a big part in establishing the brand and since it’s beginning has grown rapidly every day.


Following: 21k + (growing on average 250 followers a week)

Profile views: 2500 + weekly

Website clicks: 300+ weekly

Contributing to monthly turnover of $25k


The perfect first step for someone looking to get their account started but don’t have the resources to hand it over completely.

With the Instagram Starter Bundle, we’ll help you establish your feed and design a few posts to get you on your way.

What’s included?

  • Instagram strategy - this is where we look at who are your customers and what are you trying to say.
  • Competitor audit - because it’s always good to keep one eye on what your friendly foes are doing.
  • Tone of voice - it’s one thing to work out what you’re trying to say, but it’s another working out how to say it. We’ll help develop an Instagram tone of voice that suits your brand and speaks to your customer.
  • Hashtag recommendations - here we look at what hashtags are relevant to your industry and customer to help generate engagement and following.
  • Visual direction - the fun part! We’ll put together a feed example for you so you have a visual example of where you can take your Instagram. This includes 10 custom designed tiles that are unique to your brand - they can be quote tiles, edited photography or custom graphics, your choice!
  • Instagram for Business Analytics Guide - we’ve created a fun how-to help you navigate your analytics and utilise your followers data and behaviour.

$1,500 + GST


This package is perfect for someone who is time poor or doesn’t feel confident executing the strategy alone. By letting us take over your feed for the first 8 weeks, you’ll see in real time how to implement your strategy and see it in action going forward.

What’s included?

  • Comprehensive strategy, brand persona with tone of voice and competitor analysis. This is where we look at who are your customers and what are you trying to say. This includes a competitor audit, tone of voice, hashtag recommendations and content pillars that make up the framework of your Instagram strategy.

  • Account “health check” - Overview of current followers, engagement, etc.

  • 8 weeks of content - 1 post per day with captions and hashtags, scheduled and monitored.

  • Instagram Report - we look back on the 8 weeks of content and let you know your analytics so you have a benchmark for the future.



This is the follow-on option from the Strategy & Content Packaging, handing over your account to us on a monthly basis, saving you time to concentrate on other areas of your business.

This management includes an art-directed feed of one post per day, including caption and hashtags. We plan and schedule 8 weeks of content at a time with an report being issued at the end of each 8 week schedule.

$980+GST / month

minimum sign up for 4 months