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1:1 Business Mentoring with Tara Shelton

Tara Shelton, founder and Creative Director of Dream & Do, is now offering 1:1 Business Mentoring packages to kick start the new financial year.

Tara founded Dream & Do 2.5 years ago and has since worked with over 100 start-ups on their brands. Dream & Do launched a business of it’s own, Little Succers, same day delivery succulent service, which has since been a great success! She also runs a entrepreneurial breakfast event called Cereal Entrepreneurs. Tara launched her first business in London, Moiself, girls helping girls gifting range, and it was here that her addiction to the entrepreneurial life began. She is committed to helping more people live their entrepreneurial dream.

 These 1:1 sessions are designed to problem solve what you are struggling in your business right now, get strategic direction, energy and support from a business owner with a proven track record.




90min initial consultation

@ Dream & Do office, Chippendale or Google Hangouts

 3 x 45 min follow up sessions within 5 weeks

 Homework and actions will be given after each session.

 Enquire about price and other coaching options

Milton Gan,
Photographer & Founder of The Album Atelier

As a small business owner looking for brand guidance for a new project, I was compelled to contact Dream and Do as soon as I discovered them online. Their offerings and approach were just what I was looking for, and when I realised they were based next door to me I took that to be a sign as well as a bonus!

My initial consult with Dani was really useful and the resulting recommendation was to engage with Tara for a Business Mentoring package. The main session with Tara was fantastic! She’s super friendly and genuinely wanted to learn as much as she could about me to get a real sense of who I am, why I’m doing what I’m doing and what my objectives and goals are. Despite having never met Tara before I found myself quickly opening up and chatting with her like a good friend. From her copious notes Tara was able to understand my project in great detail and in turn recommended a number of ideas to explore and implement as homework. I found this incredibly useful and the follow up phone call sessions were perfect for keeping me accountable and getting Tara’s feedback on my progress as well as further ideas.

Meeting up with Tara was exactly what I needed and her advice and ideas produced great results for my project including making the website more effective, building my mailing list and increasing sales. In addition her enthusiasm and passion for me to do well has kept me inspired and motivated!

I would highly recommend Dream and Do’s Business Mentoring to small businesses looking for guidance but I think solopreneurs and sole traders in particular will benefit most as we work in isolation without anyone to bounce ideas off or offer us guidance, and that’s exactly what I received from Tara!

Jasna Harris
Dance Choreographer

I found the Dream and Do website while googling and searching for some guidance in my next career ventures. I resonated with the vibe and Tara's personal story from a interview I read. I recently felt ready and called Dream and Do. After briefly sharing my ideas for a new business venture with one of the Dream and Do girls, Laura, I was recommended to try Business Mentoring service with Tara to help refine my ideas, as I was still unsure. I had a phone session with Tara ( as I was interstate) and found it incredibly helpful and deeply therapeutic . Tara and I immediately connected and she made me feel completely comfortable and encouraged to share what I wanted to of my creative story to date, my journey and of course my current ideas and passions to get a whole picture of all of me, not just my business idea. Which I really liked and found very reflective.

Tara listened intently and openly, as if looking for the best shells on a 1000 mile beach, with her uninterrupted support, I felt Tara looking for the mouldable gold and workable ideas . She really helped me hone into what my instincts and heart was trying to express. It was like a creative therapy session where i poured my heart out (into very safe hands) and in the end Tara had helped me arrive at the next direction or step in which to focus my energy. I would say Tara has a natural gift and intuition for great business ideas from her own personal experience and stories. She is a high creative with a strong clear business head and vision on what to do next. I'd say the session was highly satisfying , and beneficial in driving me forward with homework and actual excitement for my ideas and not just fear. Tara is honest and clear with her advice at the same time as supportive and encouraging, while identifying your particular talents. I would recommend the Business Mentoring to anyone with lots of ideas for their business and yet feel overwhelmed in knowing which one to start with. Or people who are feeling creatively stagnant and looking for a sound board and guidance. Or someone who is super creative but doesn't know how to channel, actualise or structure it into a business venture/idea. I'm so glad I did this first to help create a foundation and refine my vision before spending the time, money and energy on branding ideas not fully expressed yet.

Daniel Nicolas
Founder of Rpnzl App

My mobile app was counting down to launch & I needed some objective advice on what we were doing and how better to reach our customers. I booked business mentoring with Tara and it was relaxed, informative series of sessions that resulted in useful ideas and advice.

I was able to tap into Tara's experience of startups, marketing and social media messaging. Also she helped me to better understand our target customers as well as set realistic goals for our launch.

I would recommend this to anyone who is questioning their marketing approach, in need of some real advice not just theory, or even just a sounding board for their ideas from someone with experience & a proven track record in this area.