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Our favourite blogs we can’t live without

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From DeMilked design, art and photography blog

From DeMilked design, art and photography blog

It’s important to stay ‘in the know’ while you’re managing your start-up or growing your business. So we’ve put together a list of our favourite blogs and magazines that we turn to on an almost daily basis. 

Start-Up Daily – You can sign up for daily or weekly emails, and they feature the latest stories about the start-up world here in Australia

The Entourage – Australia’s largest educator and community of entrepreneurs run a pretty great, informative blog

Business Chicks – As the name suggests, they’re all about women in business, and share some insightful articles and interviews on their website

Highbrow - This is such a great website where you can sign up to short 10-day '5 minute' courses in literally anything. It's about addressing the knowledge gap among all the vacuous content available these days and increase our knowledge universe.

DeMilked - A gorgeous blog dedicated to milking design showcasing new and creative art, design and photography several times a day.

Dream & Do – gotta sneak in a little self-promotion here! The Dream & Do blog features weekly client stories, advice, branding and design news, entrepreneurial event reviews, and our most popular Creative Show & Tell. Every Wednesday, the Dream Team share their favourite pieces of creative inspiration they found that week. It’s great to browse if you’re feeling a bit creatively stunted or just feel like watching an epic TED talk.

Speaking of blogs, have you heard of Outbrain? It could be just what you need to get people reading your blogs

If you run a blog as part of your website, Outbrain is a great tool to get on board with. It’s the most trusted content discovery platform on the internet. Basically, what Outbrain does when you sign up is take your blog posts and distribute them around the world wide web to come up underneath other similar posts on other people’s blogs and websites. 

So, you know when you read one of those ‘5 hilarious cat videos you need to watch now’ Buzzfeed articles? (Don’t be ashamed!) When you scroll to the bottom, there’s often a strip of images and links that says ‘You might like this’ and you can see and click on a few other articles from other websites. It’s kind of like Google ads.

As they say on Outbrain: ‘We recommend your content on the web's largest and most respected media properties, including CNN, People and ESPN. And we capture your target audience’s attention to drive better results for your business.’

You simply sign up, enter the URLs for the posts you’d like to promote, select your budget (i.e. US$15 per day for 7 days) and then watch magic happen.