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O is for ONLINE [Z-A for Start-ups]

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O is for ONLINE

Get your business online (derr!)

Have you checked whether the domain name is available for your business?

Step 1: type it into the search bar of your internet browser. If a site exists, sorry, it’s already taken! You’ll have to come up with another name. Also remember that .com, .com.au, .net and others might be available. So don’t give up hope straight away. But think about whether you really want someone searching you and accidentally reaching your competitor.

Step 2: the domain name might be available for sale through Crazy Domains or a similar company, so you can go direct through them. Occasionally, if it’s a popular domain, someone in China might own it and want to sell it to you for $1000s! How bad do you want that name?!

Step 3: you can also buy your domain name through your hosting site such as Squarespace or Wordpress. At Dream & Do, we build most of our sites through Squarespace and we easily register the domain name that way.

Squarespace is our favourite and most-used hosting site. The tagline is ‘build it beautiful’, which really just says it all. There are so many templates and features, and you can literally build your site from scratch using ‘squares’, no coding necessary!

It’s great for sites that are less blog-focused, and need to look aesthetically pleasing and simple. Whereas Wordpress is more about the blog side of things, Squarespace can be used for eCommerce stores and portfolios too.

The best thing about Squarespace is that our clients can easily log in and update their information, blog, home page, About page and more. We do a little tutorial after the branding project is completed, and they can go away and feel confident using Squarespace to keep their site up to date.

Squarespace knows the value of collaboration, too. The sites can be integrated with Spotify, Soundcloud, Shopify, MailChimp and more. It really is the best. All hail Squarespace.

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