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N is for NURTURE [Z-A for Start-ups]

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N is for NURTURE

Find balance in your life so you don’t burn out.

Recently, Dream & Do sat down with life coach Shannah Kennedy to pick her brain about staying emotionally healthy in the age of the entrepreneur, and the importance of balancing your personal and professional lives equally. Shannah has recently published a practical and beautifully designed book, The Life Plan, which offers tips and tricks for taking care of yourself, celebrating successes and uncovering your true purpose.

1 in 6 Australian workers suffer from anxiety, stress, depression or insomnia, and many don’t have the skillset or the support at work to pause and take time out, in the name of self-preservation. Don’t fall into that trap! It’s so important to create some balance in your life so that you don’t burn out and then everything crumbles, including your business.

Shannah believes it should be a company’s imperative to invest in their staff’s wellbeing and life skills, through education and leadership. So even when you’re not the only member of the start-up one day, and you’re managing a team of kick-arse go-getters, remember to lead by example.

“The biggest rule is not to have technology in the bedroom. Buy an old-fashioned alarm clock, from the $2 shop. Otherwise your phone plays on your subconscious; it opens the same part of your brain as gambling, and you don’t put a TAB machine next to a gambler when they’re asleep. I know people who’ve taken their phone out of the room and it’s changed their lives and their sleeping and anxiety. Don’t check your emails before breakfast, or the gym, or your morning walk. Get your morning started and then when you’re ready, go through your emails and deal with them quickly. Checking your phone before you start your day breeds low-level anxiety.”

At the recent Plan to Win conference hosted by Kelly + Partners, Jack Cowin shared his 13 Rules for Life. He spoke about the importance of balancing work and family life, and one of his principles to live by is: “Find a tolerant wife or husband who appreciates your search for success and fulfilment. Be good to your kids. They’re the ones who will check you into the nursing home.”

Iconic Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan’s rule for success and balance is to simply be in the moment. She says that no matter where you are, whether it’s at home with the kids, or in the office working, that we should all strive to simply be in that moment to be our most productive self. If we’re at home stressing about the fact that we should be at work, then we’re not doing our best parenting. If we’re at work wishing that we were at home with the kids, then we won’t be delivering as we could in the office.

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