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K is for KNOW [Z-A for Start-ups]

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K is for KNOW

Know your brand. That’s where brand guidelines come in…

Alright, so we’ve covered what a brand actually is (hint: not a logo!). Now you need some brand guidelines to really know your brand.

We keep it simple. Because we often work in rebranding established businesses or branding new business, we don’t go into a huge amount of detail. The reason big businesses have pages and pages and pages of guidelines is because they have so many people in the world that represent that brand,  there’s no room for error.

At Dream & Do, we create brand guidelines that are simple and easy for you to refer to through your start-up journey. We keep it to: colour palette; imagery references to make sure you stay on track when choosing images for Instagram and other social media, and when briefing photographers; art direction; mood board; tone of voice - how your brand should sound and communicate, how your people should communicate; logo; font.

If you do nothing else, then your brand should be consistent. Colours, wording, font, imagery – that’s your basic brand and you can eventually build on that with more creative content and communication strategies as you grow.

Brand guidelines are great for when you bring in new staff or new clients or when working with new supplier. You can send them the brand document to give them a basic understanding of what you are and what you’re about, so they have less room for error by representing their own idea and messing it up.

Consistency is key.

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