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What do we think about Google Adwords?

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Ah, Google. The elusive creature of genius.

We will try to make this sound as simple as possible. You pay money, and Google puts your website up high on the search list.

So Google Ad Words allows you to set up an account which you can manage yourself. You then choose words to associate with your website, and the more popular the word, the more it costs you, i.e. wedding, Instagram, weight loss, etc.

Your website will appear at the very top of Google, or down the side in the yellow ‘ads’ section. Then when people click on it, Google charges you money, on a pay-per-click basis.

It allows you to manage your ads locally, nationally, or globally, and the best thing is that people find you when they’re looking for you. So, rather than your ad appearing in every man and his dog’s Facebook feed, even if it’s not quite relevant to the user, Google Ad Words pushes your café in Bondi Beach to the people who are searching for a café in Bondi Beach.

Some clients swear by it, others are more about boosting Facebook posts. They say you can start from as little as $5 a day, but it can also get pretty expensive if you’re competing with other big players with popular search terms. 

We recommend you Google for more information (ha!)