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B is for BRANDING [Z-A for Start-ups]

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B is for BRANDING 

What is branding (other than a buzzword!)?

We’ve shared a fair bit about branding in the last few weeks – L is for LOGO, K is for KNOW. Often people think that a brand is what you tell your customers – but it’s actually what your customers think of you. By simply telling people what you are, they’re not going to believe you. You have to show them through consistent branding and communication.

Building a brand is a lot of work; it’s not just a colour palette or on-trend and ‘looking pretty’. It’s about creating a deep emotional connection, which speaks to the heart of the customer.

When working with Dream & Do, we’ll work on understanding your brand in three ways – in terms of your customer, you as the founder and your brand as a personality. Your brand’s personality is not always that of you as the founder. Like the character of Frank at Frank Body – he’s definitely not epitomised as the sum of the five founders, but his own character. And it’s recognisable and amazing.

We do empathy mapping for your customer, rather than profiling demographics. It’s important to really think about the target market as a person and their reaction in the world, how they think and feel, what they’re saying and doing, their pains with using your product or industry, and their gains of the industry. This is where you shape your communication to target exactly what your customer is thinking or feeling, and hence create great content to sell those ideas.

Our point of difference is that we’re not in the business of aesthetics (which is weird for a team of designers!). We really understand the person behind the business and spend a lot of time figuring out their motivations and values, then leveraging that story when building a brand that reflects them.

You need to be authentic so that you can live and breathe your brand and it feels true to who you really are. Strong, consistent branding also gives you confidence to represent your brand correctly. You wouldn’t hire an interior decorator who doesn’t have a sense of your style. You need to feel comfortable living it.

Be aesthetic, act your values, be creative in the way you communicate, and listen. Actions speak louder than words.

All those things combined make a strong brand. If you ask 100 of your customers what they think of you and they spit back the values you set out to achieve, then you’ve got yourself a successful brand!

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