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Cue The Women’s Collective

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It’s 2017, and the lineal, corporate ladder career has suffered a serious decline in popularity. In a world of instant gratitude, the ability to create your own business, give yourself a handpicked impressive title and build your empire is no longer a dream, it’s reality. Achievable? Yes. Easy? Hell no.

The down side to this, is cracking a highly saturated market with your original and niche service
or product while simultaneously appearing as though you know exactly what you’re doing.
(Which by the way, can I just say - no one knows what they’re doing! We are all just winging it in some way!)

Cue The Women’s Collective.

A kick arse group of creatives, dreamers, doers, all with our hustling goals firmly in centre view.
TWC was founded by Canberran entrepreneur, Georgia King, who started a nanny agency in
2014 off the back of zero experience and nothing but blind ambition. Realising so much more
went into starting a small business then she realised, she created The Women’s Collective event
as a leg up for all women in business or going into business.

The secret is community and collaboration which is exactly the theme for this year’s start-up
conference, which sees the best in the small business and entrepreneurial community coming
together for a day of workshops, inspiration, and connection.

The Big Conference was born out of a need to be able to rock up somewhere and not need to
prove yourself, or your business, but celebrate your stage where ever you are with likeminded
women! There’s no minimum requirements, no level of accomplishment needed.

The Women’s Collective conference fosters a safe and genuine place where women can
celebrate however big or little their successes are, and be safe enough to be vulnerable to share about what they need to learn more about, and where their areas of growth lie. Not many
conferences nurture such an authentic atmosphere, protected from the over exaggeration of
achievements and boasting within mingling and small talk.

This year we are excited to welcome a team of 7 presenters, and 6 influencers to our stage, to
give you the 411 on everything business related; Coaching, PR + Marketing, Social Media,
Legalities, Accounting and Financial planning, with our team of influencers chatting about their
experiences in business and their top tips for success.

Among the line-up announced so far is Helen Roe: speaker, coach and author of Girl Tribes,
Sheena Ireland: director of local communications agency Specialists in Communications, Gen Y
Network Business Expert: Kata Cser, Alicia Xyrakis: Canberra’s fashion darling and owner of
Rebel Muse, Katie Hodlic: influencer and entrepreneur behind the popular Melbourne and now
Australia wide delivery business; Afternoon Pick Me Up. With so many more announcements still to come!

Above all, this event opens the door to conversation about what it takes to struggle and succeed in small business, recognising all the connections and networking that goes into building up your resource and client pool, and all the sacrifices that go unnoticed in order for you to pursue those dreams. It’s a place where we can be real and raw, but most importantly, thrive.

For more info check our www.thecollectiveco.net