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10 Tips to Build your Personal Brand

Tara Shelton1 Comment

Recently Tara was asked to give a talk at a General Assembly event at WeWork Martin Place on how to build your personal brand.

She has written up the points here so you can build your profile to apply for that dream job.


1. Design your CV and personalise your cover letter

When companies post a job they get inundated with CV’s. You CV needs to look good at a glance. Invest time in creating a nice word mark for your name and set it out in a clear but designed way that shows off your personal style or perhaps reflects the company you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a luxury fashion job, you could make it really sleek in design and potentially on a black background.

You would be surprised at how many bad cover letters I have received. Remember, your CV is all about you. The cover letter should be more tailored towards the job and the company and why you are a good fit. It needs to be written with personality, be succinct and show that you have carefully researched the company.


2. Set up a folio site and blog

I suggest that you set up your own personal website, and this is more important if you are applying for a job where visuals would serve your application, e.g. a designer or events job. There is nothing worse than getting a really large attachment to an email.

Squarespace has some gorgeous web templates and super to use. I also suggest grabbing your name domain name before someone else does!


3. Content is king

If you are passionate about new technology and want to score a job in this, start a blog where you write about advances in ai etc. If you have a website, then blogging frequently will improve your google page ranking. It also shows prospective employees that you are committed to staying up to date with the latest trends. Make sure you then distribute these blogs on social media like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and sites like Medium so they get read and shared!


4. Professional photo

Invest in a professional headshot of yourself. Don’t zoom in to a wedding photo that you looked pretty hot in. Also make sure it is professional and not a bikini shot, and it looks like you. If you cut your hair, then make sure it is reflected in your mug shot. Make sure each channel has the same profile pic, your gmail to your Linkedin. This automatically creates a personal brand through consistency.


5. Own the first page of Google

It is likely that when you get through the CV stage that the prospective employee will check out your digital footprint and google your name. Own that first page of Google by making sure you have loads of positive content about you on the web. You will have your website and your Linkedin, but a good way to get it going is to submit articles on other publication sites or enter awards and competitions and if you win, you will always be online in this way and this is super positive for your credibility rating.


6. Printed leave behind kit

Everyone who has really impressed me at interviews always leaves something behind. Their CV and a business card printed, to a little book of their work. It is great to have something to keep and it shows a large amount of effort which always goes a long way.


Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 12.55.08 pm.png

7. Give, Give, Ask

We have a sales policy here at Dream & Do to always give, give and then ask. Whether it be content, a little book or a little pressie, it is always good to treat people before you ask something from them. Follow up your interview with a little thank you gift, like a Little Succer!




8. Don’t be afraid to hustle hard

You don’t get what you want in life unless you ask for it. What is the worst that can happen? They say no. Be direct with what you want and take a few risks. For example, if you want to get in touch with someone who you don’t know their email, jump on Linkedin and guess their email address until you get through.

Somebody I know wanted to get their book published so she sent a valentine’s gift to a publisher so it would get through to her, with her book pitch inside. She got the book deal. Be creative to get the attention of those you need.


9. Your network = your net worth

It is cliched, but your network really is your net worth and it is not what you know, but who you know! People love referrals, so if you tell people what you are looking for then they can look out for opportunities for you. I have had so many opportunities come to me through my network. Go to loads of networking events and ask questions, this is the fastest way to get noticed. When I was in London launching my gifting brand, Moi Self, I went to a networking event and asked a question and caught one of the panel’s attention. She asked me for a meeting at her office and then offered me investment to launch my range!


10. Side hustle or passion project

Having a side hustle or passion project is a great way to be remembered. It shows that you are entrepreneurial, ambitious beyond getting paid at a 9-5. It reflects your personality too. One of our past staff, Amy, just launched a side hustle called Secret Book Stuff. It is a random act of kindness project where she wraps pre loved books and sends a mystery novel out for the cost of purchase. ABC News even picked it up and did a story on her!