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#BOSSLADYDREAM Finalist: Meet Stacey Copas from Academy of Resilience

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Stacey Copas from Academy of Resilience is one of our #BOSSLADYDREAM competition finalists! Check out her 60-second video here. We're announcing the winner of the $40k Business & Branding Package on 4 July…

What drove you to start your own business?

Having others see value in my life experience and philosophies before I saw it myself was the starting point. Having a burning desire to make a difference and be in control of my own destiny that was incompatible with being an employee ultimately led to taking a leap of faith five years ago into this crazy and exciting world.

What has been your greatest challenge so far?

Discipline and focus. I see opportunity everywhere, which is a double-edged sword!

What has been one of your best highlights?

Launching my first book "How To Be Resilient". The launch events were amazing, lots of great publicity and the impact the book has made on business growth has been fantastic.

How do you keep motivated being a boss lady?

I love what I do so for most of the time it is pretty easy. I surround myself with people more successful than I am to inspire me to keep my A-Game on. I spend time with friends who are entrepreneurs and get the realities of this world so we can support each other.  If all else fails I remind myself of the alternative - employee-land - no thanks!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

The majority of my inspiration comes from within, which is where most of it needs to come from to be sustainable. The external inspiration that has had the biggest impact on me has been from Layne Beachley.  Proud to now been an Ambassador for her Aim For The Stars Foundation to inspire and mentor women achieving great things in their chosen fields.

What blogs/mags or insta feeds do you follow for you business?

Gary Vee, Collective Hub, The Entourage, Entrepreneur, Forbes

What is the best quote, book or piece of advice that has been given to you on this journey?

Focus on providing value rather than making money.

What would winning the #BOSSLADYDREAM competition mean to your business? How will it change things for you in particular?

It will help me amplify my reach and message by giving me much needed branding advice, guidance and structure, which will provide more consistency in what I do. Resilience is the essential skill to thrive in our rapidly changing world and I can help people develop this skill in a simple and effective way. I'm excited about the future and the fast-paced change and want to help others embrace it with enthusiasm too.