Dream & Do

Midnight Muse: Dreamers and Doers, a poem.

Tara Shelton1 Comment

Entitled? Or too audacious to settle.

Unfocused? Or too enticed by your imagination.

Competitive? Or an impossible standard you believe possible.

Impatient? Or a vision so clear you don't want to wait.

Reckless? Or bored by the path travelled by most.

Frustrated? Or you just know there is a better way.

Lonely? No. Lonely in crowds who don't care to challenge or create.

Selfish? Yes. This life is my life not yours.

Overachiever? Imagine a world built by low standards.

Dreamer? Or brave enough to imagine what doesn't exist.

Don't tell me to lower my expectations.
To create more balance.
To accept what is.
To be grateful and accepting.
Don't build walls or ceilings.
Don't make me fit in, be safe or secure in what you believe.

I'm a dreamer. I'm a Doer. And I'm in a life long love affair with what doesn't exist.

I'll always be chasing her, so let me run free.

You can doubt me.
But I can only drown from that poison when it's my own.

So please, leave me here.
Slow dancing with my dreams.