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Creative Show & Tell - inspiration & the anti-inspiration

Tara SheltonComment

INSPO #1 - The Care Factor

In moments of need it’s amazing how feeling cared about can make you feel both vulnerable and give you strength at the same time. Having spent a few days in hospital last week with the threat of surgery looming, having the support from my loved ones welled up a lot of emotions for me. It also highlighted the fact that if I didn’t have the support system of my family and friends, how little support one could feel. Having my branding hat on I thought what an opportunity this is for businesses to connect with people on such a deep level, when they need it the most.

For example, if I didn’t have someone to be there for me to drive me to the hospital, bring me some comforts from home and hold my hand, potentially brands could step in an offer their complements. If Uber would offer a free ride to the hospital, if your health insurance could send you a “thinking of you” pack with simply some shampoo, or deliveroo to send your favourite meal for free to lift your spirits. The ideas and relationship benefits are endless.

Brands should consider the “Care Factor” when analysing different customer journeys and when to reach their customers. I feel this is really important for brand placement to be relevant and at the right place at the right time rather than unwanted in your face promotion. By identifying and staying true to your brand vision, mission and values, there are many ways your brand can approach customers when they would really appreciate your support.

Here is one example where a brand understood the struggles of their customers was Mini Fashion Bar. Not as needing as a hospital patient, yet a hotel guest has their own issues of crinkled shirts and limited options. The Pimkie brand identified a niche customer journey and saw an opportunity to offer ready-to-wear fashion in hotel rooms around Antwerp, Paris, Brussels and Milan. That feeling of ease and being cared for cannot be measured in dollars but will earn you brownie points.

Ashley - designer

(ANTI)INSPO #2 - The Breakup Shop

My "inspiration" this week was more of an "anti-inspo" as when I saw it, it was a giant neon sign example of what NOT to do. 

The Breakup Shop was started by two brothers in the US, and it offers just what the name suggests, to break-up with your partner on your behalf. This can be done through messages, letters, emails, phone calls, or even a whole "Breakup Kit" which involves wine and DVDs.

What "anti-inspires" me about this is it's a great reminder that just because you have an idea, it doesn't mean you have to act on it. For me, these boys are being incredibly careless with peoples feelings and potentially lives, and are cashing in on human emotion. Also, presumably this idea came about because one of these guys was too afraid to breakup with his partner himself - little cowardly in my eyes. 

I could rant for awhile about the ways in which I think it's detrimental and in poor taste, however I'll just end with this. The world is already struggling to encourage love, compassion and support amongst so many different groups within society. Instead of trying to cash-in on an easy sell, let's always try and innovate and grow areas that encourage positivity and beneficial social change, commoditising human interactions will never be the answer.

Laura - Creative Project Manager