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Creative Show & Tell - Strangeness, tea, customer UX & milk bars

Tara SheltonComment

INSPO #1 Zig-zagging into Strangeness

I recently came across a snippet of a lovely article in Flow magazine, detailing a curious practice. Quote below: 

The following is from "The Gentle Art of Tramping" by Steven Graham:


"The problem is to let chance and the town take charge of you. For the world we travel in is more wonderful than human plan or idle heart's desire. One day in New York, wishing
to explore that great city in a truly haphazard way, I hit on the following device - a zigzag walk. The first turning to the left is the of the heart. Take it at random, and you are sure to find something pleasant and diverting. Take the left again and the piquancy may be repeated. But reason must come now to the rescue, and you must turn to the right in order to save yourself from a mere and uninteresting circle. To make a zigzag walk, you take the first turning to the left, on (...) How unusual, real and satisfactory were the impressions obtained by going not the crowd's way, but the way of the zigzag, the diagonal between heart and reason."


In the entrepreneurial world, this sort of disruptive practice or behaviour is always referenced in many innovation-centric papers and ted-talks alike. Where such undertakings allow you to step outside the box and shake off any sort of mental complacency your patterns of thought may have fallen into. How many of us have zoned out on the walk home from the station? 
A path so "familiar" that our brains tune out and take our surroundings for granted. 

This sort of "blinkers-on" lull that many of us fall into, walking the same path everyday - demonstrates how we live in a bubble of assumption. It's such a powerful thing to become aware of what our assumptions are. And to instead take on the practice, adopted by ethnographers and anthropologists, that when entering a new culture, or tribe - to adopt a mindset of "strangeness". An existence where everything becomes new and not assumed to be experienced before.
Where no action, reaction or set of behaviour is taken for granted.Thus opening them up to a perspective that views the world as a constantly unfolding place of a million potentials, where there is always something new to be gained, even in what seems like the "same-old" experience. Don't box yourself in with assumptions, take a zig-zag walk! Who knows where it'll lead you (even if it might be right back to your doorstep). 

*Stay tuned for next week when the Dream Team takes their own zig-zag walks!! 

Edie, Junior Designer


INSPO #2 O'ssuloc Tea (Brand Experience Design) 

I was gifted O'sulloc tea from a close friend who grew up on the Jeju Island of South Korea where it is made. When she presented this little sachet to me, she held it with such reverence and pride as it was my first introduction to something that represented where she was from. From the soft texture of the packaging, refined design and unique taste is truly felt like something special and to be treasured.


“It is our hope to provide people with valuable time in which people can form warm relationships and have more taste in their lives while cultivating their mind in the midst of their busy life in today’s society.” - O’sulluc


The entire brand ethos is both executed beautifully and consistently across each touch point that customers have with the brand. This is my key takeaway from this inspiring brand.
When building a company, all moments in which customers are introduced to your brand must be considered and made to be special. Whether digital or physical, the customer should always be wowed no matter the cost that went into it. Clever brand experiences can always be thought of even on a budget. Each channel that customers interact with the brand builds the perception and relationship with the brand, forging brand loyalty and brand ambassadors.

At Dream & Do we are all about building conscious brands. This is about being conscious of the entire brand experience and possible customer user journeys to ensure that at each touch point they are seeing your brand’s true personality and reason for being.

Ashley, Designer


INSPO #3 VOW Customer Experience 

If you're not familiar with them, check out the jewellery brand Vrai & Oro. They're a beautiful fine jewellery brand currently taking the US by storm.

I've been a fan of the brand for a few months now, but recently came across their sub-brand, VOW (Vrai & Oro Wedding) when doing some competitor research for our amazing client ESQ. While these wedding and engagement rings are next level beautiful, what struck me most about the brand was part of the service they offer.

As some of you may know finding an engagement ring is no easy task. You need to try things on, deliberate over styles and what suits you. VOW operates largely as an online business, so that customer experience process of trying on different styles wasn't an easy option for their customers. In order to combat this, they created a "Home Try-On" service, which allows customers to try on three "mock" rings in the styles they have for seven days, free of charge. Genius. 

What I love about this service is their ability to think outside the box and give time and creativity to their customer experience. Just because something is traditionally an offline experience doesn't mean you can't adapt it to your medium or business model. Don't be afraid to take something you think is impossible and make it fit to work for you, you could end up with something as innovative and amazing as this!

Laura, Creative Project Manager


INSPO #4 Why strong brands give you creative license 

This week I picked Daisy's milk bar for my creative show & tell. Daisy's is a contemporary take on an Aussie, old-school milk bar. They have an eclectically quirky and nostalgic brand, that takes you back to your childhood. Think back to those primary school days, when life was playful and full of possibility. You trotted around, carefree with your oversized school bag, played kiss and catch with the boys, ate tuck shop sandwiches and hot chips with vinegar after school. Life was beautiful in its simplicity.  

All of this is just one part of why I love this brand, the entire experience transports you back in time, and evokes happy and nostalgic memories. Beyond that, they are using creative ways for people to engage with the brand, going past the bricks and mortar experience, and beyond their primary product, food. 

Not only do they have an online store, complete with Daisy's milk bar paraphernalia, including nail polish, sticker packs, brooches and accessories, but they recently partnered with local jewellery designer, Haus of Dizzy. Who would have ever thought that a cafe and a jewellery design could partner together? This is the essence of creativity and original thought. Having a strong brand is what gives Daisy's its creative license. Because of the quirky nature of the brand, having a branded paraphernalia just works, and through this creative license, its opened them up to diversifying the ways people engage with their brand. Clever. 

Dani - Creative Strategist