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Creative Show & Tell - Jam, Journaling & Micro-nations

Tara SheltonComment

INSPO #1 The Jam Factory 



I recently took a trip to Adelaide where I stumbled upon an inspiring creative space called the Jam Factory. It’s a non-for-profit organisation that supports and promotes outstanding design and craftsmanship within ceramics, glass, furniture and metal design. It not only serves as a space for creatives to build their skills but also features an exhibition and retail space to showcase these contemporary Australian products made in the factory, to the general public.

What I loved about the experience that I had with this brand is being invited into the process and seeing the “behind the scenes” of what goes into the production of the artworks in the gallery and the items in the shop. It made me feel invested in the process and ultimately made me feel I could leave the space without buying a little piece of it!

Obviously this transparency is not a new phenomenon, we’ve seen it with in restaurants where the kitchen is in full view of the customers, however it’s becoming an expectation from customers. People like to be involved in the process and learn how things work.

What I take away from this inspiration is that I implore new business dreamers to think how they could celebrate the process that gets them to their final product/service and how to involve or educate customers in that process. This will not only gain you personal investment into the final product but also build brand loyalty and brand ambassadors that will generate great word of mouth. Let’s all try to be a little more like Jam Factory!

Ashley - Designer


INSPO #2 Why every successful entrepreneurial needs to be vigilant with their time

Image Credit: Best Self Co. Instagram*Source: Self Journal, by Best Self co. 

Image Credit: Best Self Co. Instagram*Source: Self Journal, by Best Self co. 

With more things to do, and what feels like less time, the art of journaling and self reflection is a growing business, but I have to say, this journal from Best Self co. definitely spiked my interest, more so than other journals of this kind I've seen. So much so, that I went ahead and bought it. 

The reason I loved this journal is because it focuses on habit creation, to achieve your big picture goals and "chunks" this up into 13-week sprints, so it makes the entire process of goal setting much more disciplined. There are no dates, so you can start the journal at any point that is right for you (love this), and the days planner is bookended with positive psychology and inspirational quotes. 

In the 1960s, University of Maryland psychologist Edwin Locke and University of Toronto psychologist Gary Latham discovered that goal setting is one of the easiest ways to increase motivation and enhance performance. Over dozens of studies, Latham and Locke found that setting goals increased performance and productivity by 11-25%*. The Self Journal is based on this concept, and many of the world's most successful entrepreneurs in the world know that the key to success is through setting short-term goals and measuring their progress. 

To add further to this, I attended a "Design your day for Success" workshop, run by, business coach, Lauren Trlin, where she sighted examples from the likes of Steve Jobs and how they prioritise their time for maximum productivity. Steve Jobs wore exactly the same outfit, every day. Every. Day. He was so vigilant with his time, that he looked at certain tasks in his day that expended willpower and energy, and decided which of these he could sacrifice, instead spending his daily willpower and energy on actions that were productive, and laddered bag to his broader goals. He decided why waste your energy choosing an outfit every morning, when you can use your energy and time elsewhere. 

As a creative agency, we talk a lot about the art of sacrifice here at Dream & Do. It not only informs our creative product, but it informs a lot of our ethos. This journal inspired me, because it took the idea that habits create your behaviours, behaviours create your goals, and your goals create your life, and it systemised this process. Clever. We obsess about every detail when it comes to our creative work, just like business owners should obsess about every detail of their business. So to all you budding entrepreneurs and startups out there, what can you ditch to free up space for the daily tasks that are going to shift the dial on your big goals? 

Dani - Creative Strategist


INSPO #3 Becoming the emperor of your own micro-nation

Emperor George II sounds the like name of Europe royalty, not a stock-standard Aussie bloke in the middle of rural NSW. Appointing one's self at the mere age of 15, as emperor of "Atlantium" may sound like the makings of a meglomaniacal dictator. But worry not, nearly forty years later Emperor George has hardly made a dent in the national welfare of Australia. Seeing as we are a country where politics move slower than the cows. 

It's amazing to think that something so seemingly ludicrous, could in fact exist for such a long time and attract so much interest without self-promoting at all. There is an incredible amount of detail and craftsmanship that has gone into sculpting the identity that is the micronation of Atlantium. 

A flag carrying the colours of blue, yellow and orange, little postage stamps emblazoned with a graphic of the Emperor himself - designed in blue and orange, and to top it off a crest, featuring the same open palmed salute. If not anything, Atlantium proves the ultimate power of a brand.

That when done right, and expanded with the right resolve and into the right niche can be oddly successful (it has 3000 citizens from 100 countries around the world.

None of them live there though) The Empire of Atlantium has a lasting power and a timelessness that has superseded the passing fads and trends of the decades. A lucrative venture as well, the globally (albeit on a lowkey scale) recognised nation has enabled the Emperor to rent out his plot of land on Air BnB for $65 dollars a night. With visiting perks including being able to stay in 'Government House' or take a stroll through the 'Imperial Botanical Garden'. 

George has created a brand that overtime, has evolved into something that has enough reach that it may one day become better than the Big Banana, a serious tourist destination and landmark in Australia.

Edie - Junior Designer