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Tara SheltonComment

INSPO #1 - Break-Up Boss 

She's bloody done it again. The ultimate #girlboss Zoë Foster Blake has created yet another amazing product that is sure to be loved by her many followers.

Break-Up Boss is an app for anyone who's going through the sucky process of a break-up. It provides users with advice and techniques on how to navigate those treacherous heart-break waters and ultimately own your break up and positive grow from the experience. It's also got illustrations by Mari Andrew, an incredible artist from New York. 

The two things I love most about this idea is the amazing support and community element of the app, but also the way it supports Zoë's personal brand/mini-empire. I am a big believer in people being "multipotentialites" and embracing their many talents, and Zoë is the perfect example. She's completely diversified her product and service, but has remained true to her brand's ethos around supporting women, whether it's through her writing, beauty products or now app, she is always encouraging and empowering and reaching people in different ways. Gone are the days of sticking to your one career/industry your whole working life, embrace your many talents and callings, it'll all come together in the end. 

Download the app here or click through the links above to find out more ifo. 

Laura - Creative Project Manager

INSPO #2 - Breather

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Because I don't have much time to read these days, I listen to A LOT of podcasts to learn as much as I can. I listen to that many that unfortunately I can't recite which exact one this inspiration came from, but here it is! A very inspiring interview with Julian Smith, Co Founder of Breather - a share space concept that integrates modern technology. 

He originally wanted to create a space in New York where business owners and workers could go and "grab a breather" - chill out, break away from work, do some work for a couple of hours, meditate, do yoga etc. Too many people hung at coffee shops and there were always so many issues with this, but a problem that no one had really solved. He soon realised the huge set up and running cost of implementing a flagship style fit-out  for Breather as he had originally imagined and it, plus it didn't serve everyone as everyone in all different urban locations. They are needing space on the go, so it would be silly for them to have to travel to take a breather. It should be more convenient than that.

At the same time, he discovered the new mobile technology where you can unlock doors with your phone. The breakthrough making smart homes a near reality for all. He also discovered that there were so many empty spaces in large cities that had not been leased from whole floors, to single rooms.

Cross pollinating these ideas and problems he came up an even better "Breather" solution. A network of share spaces all over the city, that you can unlock with your phone, any time. With multiple rounds of investment, Breather now unlocks doors in 9 cities in the USA and is now in London, UK.

I adore the story of how this came into fruition. All of these ideas and problems and seeds of mismatched information influencing an outcome. I think, in reality, this is how real great ideas are born and become successful. You have to stay open to your idea changing and integrate a modern way of doing things. The sharing economy is a trend that I am super proud is here. Instead of creating more and more, we are realising what we can do with what already exists. Anti establishment ideals are exciting when we look at the every day person and what they can add to our life and business. I can't wait for Breather to make it's way to Sydney. Dream & Do will be unlocking doors all over town.

Tara - Creative Director & Founder

INSPO #3 - Do schools kill creativity?

I chose this incredibly inspiring TED talk for my creative show & tell this week, because encouraging creative thinking, particularly amongst youth is a personal interest of mine. In an ever changing and demanding world, they are our future. 

Speaking from experience, I can safely say that in our education system students are left little room for creative thinking and expression. As a society we tend to educate from the waste up, putting a great deal of emphasis on literature, numeracy and science based subjects, with the arts often falling to the bottom of the list, or not being seen as particularly prestigious. 

Here's the thing though, we grow out of creativity, not into it. It's an innate nature within all of us, and unfortunately often suppressed in our education, not from lack of caring, just a bi-product of the society we live in. 

This TED talk encourages us to reframe the way we think about intelligence, it encourages human experience to learn different disciplinary ways of seeing things. 

For me, the cherry on top is the incredible story of Gillian Lynne, British ballerina, dancer, choreographer, actress and theatre director. Noted for her popular theatre choreography and associated with two of the longest-running shows in Broadway History, Cats and Phantom of the Opera. 

When Gillian was in school, teachers were telling her mum that she had trouble concentrating and was always distracted, many thinking she has ADHD. After seeing a different doctor, he saw something else. In the consult room, he turned on the radio, left Gillian in the room and watched her immediately jump up and move around. Gillian's mum was told, "your daughter doesn't have ADHD, she is a dancer." 

There is something incredibly powerful in that story, and it involves one person seeing things that no one else saw, and that epitomises creativity and creative thinking for me. 

Dani - Creative Strategist