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INSPO #1 - Meet the Bearded Bakers

Knafeh is a delicious, sweet and hot Israeli dessert, much like the boys that serve it to you! They are fondly known as the Bearded Bakers and have created quite a household name for themselves. 

I picked these guys for my creative show and tell this week because they inspire me on so many levels. Creativity is so much more than an interesting campaign idea. 

Their operational model is pure genius, using shipping containers means that they can take their service virtually anywhere in the world, and who doesn't want a business that has that scalability and freedom? 

They have an incredibly strong Brand. One that is unapologetic, fiery, raw and genuine. It's not afraid to stand out, and embraces their culture wholeheartedly. This comes across in their experience, their staff and their Instagram feed. 

Being single minded is built into their DNA. They do one thing and they do it well. They also don't need to be on every social network out there. 

They launched in the suburbs of Sydney. I'll say it again, in the suburbs. Super clever. Start with the audience that is easiest to convert and then use them to build your story. Now they can be found all over Sydney, including the CBD and most recently Melbourne. 

With their entrepeneurial flair and creative spirit, I reckon there's no limit to where the Bearded Bakers can go. 

Dani - Creative Strategist

INSPO #2 - How AI technology can help improve brand storytelling

As the tech landscape has evolved so drastically in the last few decades, many of us are asking ourselves “will the future be run by robots while we twiddle our thumbs?”. Yes, AI can do a lot for us in terms of data analysis but I feel empathy is a key ingredient that could never be digitally fabricated.

However, AI can be our best friend and make us better at what we do! Enter Influential, an AI platform that can help brands not only connect with their relevant audience but also calculate how the brand is being perceived and predict insights to discover latent needs. This technology uses IBM’s Watson and their personality insights and alchemy language to analyse content from a social influencer and score them against their relevance to your brand, depending on their demographics, psychographics, and context. These influencers will resonate with your audience and enable meaningful engagements.

Currently, Influential has gathered insights on 10,000 social media influencers which total 5 billion followers. Big players like Kia have trialed this tech and gained a 30% increase in engagement and recall when aligning the brand voice with relevant influencer voices. The data doesn’t lie and is hard to ignore!

Through the platform, brands and agencies can monitor the campaign and connect directly with influencers through the app. We can’t wait to try this out.

This is inspiring to me because I love using data to inspire creative concepts and help clients realise the potential measurable success. Using analytics to track the effectiveness of my creative output is also important to me and I want to make sure that I’m delivering work that generates the best possible engagement and perception for clients.

Ashley, Graphic Designer

INSPO # 3 - Minimalism: A documentary about the important things

We all know, from books like ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, that decluttering your home can bring about more peace, clarity and happiness into your life - But what about decluttering your business?

This week, I was inspired by a film called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.

It’s needless to say the film was cinematically stunning. With expansive shots of a bustling, consumer-crazed city, juxtaposed with a minimal desert, it’s cinematography keeps in tone with it’s powerful message that living simply creates more freedom and happiness.

As it’s title suggests, the film is about what filmmakers Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, call the important things, and it made me reflect on not only the important things in my life, but also how relevant these concepts are in running a business.

So - how does one become a Minimalist business owner? Or perhaps a better question is, how can we declutter our businesses, to achieve more peace, more focus and more ca-ching? I have a few thoughts:

1. Reconsider your marketing channels
Are you wasting time trying to pursue more marketing channels than they are worth? Instead of trying to be all things to all people, every minute, of every day, measure what’s most effective and focus on that. Put your other channels on pause, or invest in some social media management tools, like Hootsuite to help you free up some time.

2. Reconsider your space
Are you wasting money working out of a space you don’t need? Perhaps you thought you needed to get your very own warehouse-converted office in Surry Hills to impress your clients, or worst, your friends. There are plenty of amazing co-working spaces to consider.

3. Reconsider your why
We all know them. Those people who want to start a business for all the wrong reasons - vanity, ego, self-promotion. It’s important to remember why you wanted to start your business in the first place, and keep that top of mind in all your business decisions.

It’s an uncomfortable question to ask for some, because figuring it all out can mean some major changes need to be made. But trust me - you’ll thank yourself for it later.

In the film, I appreciated the fact that Minimalism is not made out to be anti-consumption, but rather, anti-compulsory consumption. In the same way, it makes you think about how business owners can sustain a revenue-oriented business, without the need for excessive spending or ego-driven decision making.

Emily - Marketing & Events Manager

INSPO #4 - Unequal scenes

Photographer: Johnny Miller

Drone photography and video has become increasingly popular recently with creatives capturing beautiful scenes in nature. 

This series is a little darker in contrast, highlighting the affect of the apartheid in Cape Town, South Africa which only in 1994. It is still clear to see the affects of the apartheid on the community being forcefully and architecturally segregated.

We can see the contrast of class and wealth with poverty in these images. It's surprising that this series has gone viral around the world, bringing this issue to light and creating much needed conversation, no matter how uncomfortable to some and this is what I found inspiring. Art as a powerful medium to make people see and face the truth's around them. 

Have a look at the website for more information behind the images. 

Renata - Graphic Designer & Photographer