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Tara SheltonComment

INSPO #1 - Business Cards +

I'm a self confessed stationery nerd, so when I came across these bad-boys on Moo's website the other day, I almost fell off my chair.

Inarguably Moo plays the printing game well. They're cheap, cheerful (great branding) and very user friendly. They've just added an additional product to their line however, called Business Card +. In a nutshell, it's chipped cards that allow your cards to digitally interact with holder, sending them to your website, social media, new product, basically whatever your heart desires. 

I love the possibilities this kind of technology brings and cannot wait to workshop some incredible ideas with the Dream Team. Currently it's only compatible with Google or Android phones (booo), but once it hits iPhones, I predict this bad-boy will go off! 

Creative Project Manager

INSPO #2 - A New Economy 

In this "modern age" I think its always good to consciously consider the choices we make in life, work and the ripples that we create collectively as humanity. "A New Economy" is a documentary that focuses on this bigger picture. Of course there is a realistic underpinning, holding us back and dictating the way we function, and it is hard for many to embrace a system that could so easily in the wrong hands swing towards the scary extremes, like communism once did. 

But with the heart and soul of mankind in the right places we can PIVOT! And reject the status quo - that of which money is tantamount when it comes to the operations of society. With "A New Economy" it is nice to escape for just over an hour to a Utopia of sorts where individuals are coming together to create this "New Economy", one that will be able to sustain humanity, not just in a visceral sense, but spiritually as well. It's fulfilling to look at wealth as something that isn't just felt when we reach into our pockets. 

It was interesting seeing the reactions of my peers when first viewing this film at university. There was a unspoken majority that secretly longed and dreamed for this idealistic balance that would be created through an exclusive NGO/Non-for profit model. But at the same time they had an unspoken reluctance, underscored by a fear to disrupt. And a resignedness, believing the existing economic models were so deeply ingrained there was no point in lifting a finger. Then, veering to a negative extreme - some were outraged that such a skewed perspective was being shown to us. That realistically speaking, why the heck would you give ideas away for practically free and that businesses like this would NEVER exist in a world like ours. 

But they are. And they're working - despite the small scale they exist on. If Dream and Do has taught me anything in the short amount of time i've been here its to Dream Big - and don't be afraid to jump or you'll never get anywhere.

Graphic Designer Intern

INSPO #3 - Lagom - A lesson from the Swedes

Lagom was one of the few words I placed on my vision board for this year during a creative session with the Dream Team. It’s a word that I hold dear to my heart after living in Stockholm Sweden from 2013 - 2016. It’s a word I was most often introduced to by Swedes as the core of Scandi psyche; their way of life. In Swedish, I’ve been told, it translates to the feeling of being ‘just right’, ‘not too much, not too little’, ‘a middle ground’, ‘‘the perfect balance’. It’s all about being fair and that there is virtue in moderation.

This word presented itself to me again while browsing the Domain app, of all places. It featured an article on how Lagom is going to be the mantra for 2017. When researching deeper, this new story seemed to be picked up by everyone from Vogue, Elle and Harpers Bazar to the BBC, The Telegraph and The Huffington Post. These articles discussed how this philosophy of Lagom will be sought after due to the global ructions of 2016. In a world of contradictions and extremes, the appreciation will grow for restraint and an emphasis on the communal over the individual.

The word comes from the days of the Vikings where a single cup of mead would be passed around and each member of the group would take a small sip. It was the selfless act of taking the right amount to make sure that there would be enough for everyone to get a taste when it came around. This concept shows itself in many of Sweden’s social values from work life balance, to their consideration of their environmental impact. Some say it’s an inner voice that guides them not to be too showy or too shy, not to build extravagant homes but to be simple with style. It’s been a primarily socialist country for generations, and many other cultures talk of it in high esteem.

There is a lot we can learn from this way of thinking. It encourages us all to look after each other and realise that what’s best for you is what’s best for the group.

This is inspiring to me as I feel we should consider this in all our work at Dream & Do. Yet we must also approach Lagom with caution and modesty as well. To approach moderation in moderation to not stifle creativity.

Graphic Designer

INSPO #4 - Worlds Favourite Colour

I found this site by chance on Instagram. It's a microsite by Colourplan, a huge paper supplier for printers around the world. 

As you peel back the layers you can see it is much more than it appears, it has hidden purpose. A few things inspired me: the first being the user experience and interactivity - the whole screen is a playing field of colour. I spent a good few minutes just exploring every corner of the screen to see the minute differences in colour. 

The website's purpose is to collect information on individuals and find out their favourite colour, it does so with a small form that is easy and quick to digest that it's painless and has received tonnes of submissions from people around the world. Personally I'd love to see the trends they'll find out from the information they'll collect, I love data visualisation and what it can say about our current culture. 

This is just an all round great idea which I think is a perfect example of we would love to do for Dream and Do. We don't won't give too much away but creating an online dream catcher would be cool... 


Graphic Designer & Photographer