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Being socially conscious is the new trend - Creative Show & Tell

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INSPO #1 KENZO's Sun to Sun

KENZO, in my opinion, are one of those brands that just get it. They know who they are, and they're really consistent in their identity. Funnily enough, what they are borders on crazy, but it's because they're so clear on their crazy that they can make it work.

My show & tell this week is "Sun to Sun", KENZO's Pre-Fall 2016 movie by Partel Oliva. It's emotive, unique and true to brand. Plus it's just cool.

Laura, Account Manager

INSPO #2 EnChroma Glasses for the Colour Blind

Did you know Colour blindness affects millions of people worldwide? It affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women.

Seeing colour is something we seem to just take for granted (not like we don't take a lot of things for granted...). However it's surprising that only just recently there have been efforts in new designs and technology made to address and correct this problem.

The technology in EnChroma lenses work by separating the overlapping red and green cones, helping improve vision for people who have difficulty seeing reds and greens. (source)

While it isn't life threatening, we don't realise that colour blindness still affects the quality of life of people that suffer from it. In many instances it prevents them from following their dreams and choosing their ideal career path. To think people have had to give up on their dreams is incredibly sad... we should remember how fortunate we all are to be able to pursue what we have. 

We're at a point in humanity where our understanding of science, technology and ourselves allows us to greatly improve the lives of others. It's a very fortunate time to be in and we need to foster this broader thinking and apply it to everyday life for the benefit of mankind. 

Renata, Graphic Designer & Photographer

INSPO #3 Save the food

When was the last time that you realised you had wasted food? Mine would be this morning when I peeped into the fridge and realised my half drunken bottle of milk had expired. My gut's given me the guilt trip as I'm one of those people that hates waste. So it wouldn't be surprising that when I saw this "Save the food" campaign and I immediately became immersed.

Save the Food website is created by Ad Council which is a non profit organisation in America that creates campaigns that tackle significant public issues through communications programs. The Save the Food website is one of their campaigns to make the America more socially aware of the cost of food wastage. According to the site, 20% of the food we buy never gets eaten, 40% of food gets wasted every year in America & 90% of us throw away food too soon. 

The site had a fantastic clip of a story of a strawberry making it's way from the farm to the shops and good tips/life hacks on how to save food. The whole campaign is beautifully designed to build awareness of wasting food and I highly recommend everyone goes to the site. It's a simple idea but with a huge ambition; it's my cup of tea.

Rachel, Graphic Designer & Illustrator