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GUEST POST: Best Cardboard Innovations that Promote a Sustainable Lifestyle

Tara SheltonComment

This is a guest blog post by Senior Marketing Manager, Shalu Jain, from DCGPAC.

Corrugated boxes made out of cardboard serve as a wonderful packaging item. 

But, what do you usually do once you have used a corrugated box? Do you throw it out or keep it stacked somewhere? You shouldn't do either. The uses of corrugated cardboard boxes go beyond packaging and reduced transportation costs. Keeping them idle or throwing them out would mean that you are missing out on their potential.

There are quite a number of cardboard innovations that you can try in your home. A corrugated cardboard can easily work as a laundry bin, a toy for the kids, a paper bin, an organizer or even a storage box. Let's check out the best cardboard innovations that you can try to promote a sustainable lifestyle.


Straight from 'Breaking Bad,' television series, a camper playhouse is an excellent way to repurpose cardboard. And a vintage camper is just great for the kids. You can make a mini version with a corrugated cardboard, a box cutter, duct tape and some paint. It is so easy that you don't even need any measurements! 


While you are thinking of using cardboard in innovative ways, consider designing some cool furniture. Live a sustainable lifestyle by upcycling all those packaging boxes to make a table and a patio styled chair. Simply put, the table would consist of 4 pieces of cardboard, ideally 16” in height, with notches using 2 triangular legs and 2 symmetrical top pieces. The chair would have 3 pieces for the structure and another four pieces for the top. Cut the notches for a 3D design. Once done, you can easily paint it in colours or patterns of your choice.


This one is our favourite. It is such an easy, useful innovation. All you have to do is take a wine box, a cardboard crate or any other packaging box lying in your house and use hot glue to wrap some jute strings to it. Lo and behold! You will have a chic cardboard storage box that can be actually used as an embellishment in your home. You could also make some liners from a drop cloth to complete the look.


If you have corrugate fiberboard, use it to create a beautiful lamp. This cool innovation can brighten your home and add sass to the interiors. Draw small little strips on a thick piece of cardboard and then cut them. Once that’s done take those strips and put them one on one. Make twenty squares like this, with smoother parts on the top. After this, take two big squares, join them using hot glue to create a box like shape. Then, join the third part. Lastly, add a lamp in between and glue the last square.


You can make a cool, chic and strong shelf by simply using cardboard boxes. And you can get as innovative as you want. Make it simple with rectangular boxes or go all artistic by cutting it in different shapes. 


Bring some greenery to your home with small planters near the windows. Just dress up a cardboard box with some embellishments, glue some more strips together and have a plastic lining to prevent water from ruining the cardboard. There you have it- a beautiful planter for your home!


Don’t these innovations sound interesting? Which one of them do you like? Or tell your favourite innovations with cardboard. Share below.