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Card Swapping ballet, Collage realities & Children of the dirt - Creative show and tell

Tara SheltonComment


This week's Creative Show & Tell took place on the astro turf lawn outside of Central Park. Days are getting colder, so a good soak of sunlight and some extra vitamin D to keep our batteries charged and feeling extra inspired. Here's our show and tell.

In Japanese etiquette, exchanging business cards is a big part of building a good business relationship. You would think professional social networking platforms like LinkedIn would be enough for anyone to make potential client connections but not the case for Japanese merchants since they still prefer to swap business cards. Though the Eight app, created by Japanese company called Sansan in 2012 has solve the problem of managing enormous number of cards from potential clients. The app allows the user to scan the details on the card and create a profile in your database. If the profile exists, it will automatically match to an exist profile, making card swapping a lot easier.

Recently Eight had a rebrand and released a promo ad to explain how the app works. It involves simple, beautifully arranged choreography of a group of people card swapping. The performance was like watching out of water synchronized swimming - very Japanese minimalist and uuber graphic design inspired. So memorising that I had to watch it a few times. It is clear that Eight knows their market and has executed very well in it's branding. Simple, but smart.

Rachel, Graphic Designer & Illustrator



My inspiration this week is a short story by Simon Rich called "The children of the dirt". And rather than rattle on about what I've taken away from it, I'm just going to let you read it yourself and take from it what you will.


"The Children of the Dirt" by Simon Rich

According to Aristodemus, there were originally 3 sexes. The children of the moon, who were half male and half female. The children of the sun, who were fully male, and the children of the earth, who were fully female. Everyone had four arms, four legs, and two heads, and spent their days in blissful contentment.

Zeus became jealous of the humans joy, so he decided to split them all in two. Aristodemus called this punishment "The Origin of Love", because ever since the children of the earth, moon, and sun have been searching the globe in a desperate bid to find their other halves.

Aristodemus' story though isn't complete, because there was also a fourth sex, the children of the dirt. Unlike the other three sexes, the children of the dirt consisted of just one half. Some were male and some were female, and each had just two arms, two legs, and one head. The children of the dirt found the children of the earth, moon, and sun to be completely insufferable. Whenever they saw a two-headed creature walking by, talking to itself in baby talk voices, it made them want to vomit. They hated going to parties. When there was no way to get out of one they simply sat in the corner, too bitter and depressed to talk to anyone. The children of the dirt were so miserable that they invented wine and art to dull their pain. It helped a little, but not really. When Zeus went on his rampage, he decided to leave the children of the dirt alone. "They're already fucked" he explained.

Happy gay couples descend from the children of the sun. Happy lesbian couples descend from the children of the earth. And happy straight couples descend from the children of the moon. But the vast majority of humans are descendants of children of the dirt, and no matter how long they search the earth they'll never find what they're looking for. Because there's nobody for them, not anybody in the world.

Laura, Account Manager


The new music video by best boys, Coldplay, made me immediately think of Dream & Do, in every aspect. 

Listening to the lyrics, it's just such a positive/uplifting and inspirational song about not giving up, knowing things will come together, your world will go up & up. The visuals are perfect, right on point for this song and in the whole theme of the album - A Head Full of Dreams - which suits dreams. It's like watching pinterest collages coming to life. I love it. Love this style and this really cool technique. 

Pretty sure the whole new album is dedicated to Dream & Do with that title, amiright? 

Renata, Graphic Designer & Photographer