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Beers, Books and Bad-arse Resumes - Creative Show & Tell

Tara SheltonComment

Not wanting to miss the last few rays of sunshine before the cold weather sets in, this weeks Creative Show & Tell was on the steps at Central Park in Chippendale. There was a lot of "ohhh's, awww's and ahhh's" escaping our mouths. Check it out why. 

INSPO #1 // Brewquets

I am such an online consumer. I want to be able to shop for myself and everyone I love from the comfort of my desk of sofa. However, purchasing for the father, bro's and boyfriends of my life has always been a challenge. Sending them a bunch of flowers generally doesn't cut it. 

Enter Brewquets - a bouquet of three boutique craft beers, sent same day delivery! This is such a great gifting idea for guys and of course the gals in my life that love a lager or too. I personally would be overjoyed to received such a bunch! (hint, hint!)

I love this trend in affordable, same day gifting that has taken off of late. I am loving the range of products available now and can't wait to see what comes next. In fact, this gives us an idea... watch this space!


Laura, Account Manager


INSPO #2 // The Fox and the Star - Written & Illustrated by Coralie Bickford-Smith

You might not have heard her name but I'm sure you've seen her illustrations. One of the most notable would be the art deco series done for F. Scott Fitzgerald. However, this is her first work as an Author and Illustrator, using screen printing as her medium to produce the brilliant imagery. 

This is simply one of the most beautiful children's story books I've seen; it's also the most visually clever. I haven't seen other illustrator's play with the imagery as such, including illusions and breaking up the type such as this one by Coralie. To say i'm inspired is simply an understatement. I wish I had this talent!! 

A lot of children's books are exceptionally simple & I think those are the 'one off' types of reads. This one will be enjoyable to read hundreds of times over. 


Renata, Graphic Designer & Photographer

INSPO #3 // Interactive Resume - Robby Leonardi 

I came across this interactive resume by Robby Leonardi on the weekend. I always find it very difficult to market myself, let alone brand myself this way.

Robby Leonardi is a multidisciplinary designer living in New York. For his resume, he actually created a game where you can control the character on screen, taking you to different levels of his experience and skill set. The animation is colourful, witty & cleverly executed with simple block graphics work. It is a passion project that has certainly paid off as it received a lot of press from around the world. He also has a portfolio page as well.


Rachel, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

The Dream Team Xx