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A literal book, a metaphorical book, motion graphics and an interactive music video - Creative Show & Tell

Tara SheltonComment

This weeks Creative Show & Tell saw some really interesting ideas. One sparked an idea for the company, two ideas made us think about our social responsibilities and where we've come from, and the other, challenged our perception of how we digest music videos. 

INSPO #1 // PILOT 2016: A Diary for Writers

My Show & Tell this week comes in the simple form of a diary. This isn't just any diary though, it's PILOT 2016 diary, and it's made just for writers. 

Being a (wannabe) write myself, this book immediately jumped out at me. The concept is wonderful, not just giving the consumer a useful diary, but a diary that features writing specific advice, competition and trade fair dates, as well as motivational and submission tips. 

This idea got me thinking about how he can apply this concept to Dream & Do. Perhaps a diary for start-ups? I feel a Dream & Do project coming on... watch this space!


Laura, Account Manager

INSPO #2 // Chanel

My Show & Tell this week is an animation by Chanel that beautifully illustrates her story. I find the motion graphics memorising, the simple colour palette, bold graphics mixed in with the collage style etchings and the soothing voiceover make for great story telling. If you jump onto Chanel's channel on You Tube you will find an array of creative films.

Tara, Founder & Creative Director

INSPO #3 // The Human Library

"Don't judge a book by it's cover" is the tagline for the The Human library. The idea of the mobile library has been around for a while, but there isn't one that uses real humans as the books.

The Human library started in Denmark in 2000 as a social event aimed to build positive conversations to challenge stereotypes and prejudice. The books include people that have been sexually abused, refugees, the unemployed and many more. It is an eye opener as it takes these difficult and sensitive topics and addresses them in a non-confronting, educational environment.

This movement have spread around the globe with The Human Library events and also going to schools to educate children. I think it's a great idea to break down the social barriers of associated with "stereotypes" which will create a more educated society without prejudice. You can check when the next event is on their social media. They should come again to Sydney!

Rachel, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

INSPO #4 // Elizabeth Rose Interactive Music Video -Playing with Fire

Within the theme of the Biennale this year, 'The Future is Already here', this interactive music video is a prime example the future is here and NOW. Yes, interactive music videos are going to be a thing. 

Elizabeth Rose, an Australian artist, has released a video for her newest single 'Playing With Fire' in collaboration with Google Play. It allows fans to play with her emotions to create their own unique experience. It features her singing and dancing and you can swipe and tap a little to change it up. While it's a bit repetitive and simple, I love the concept and all the potential, especially if these clips were paired with 360° Virtual Reality technology. Music and music videos would become an experience rather than something you stare at mindlessly. 

It's also a great bit of marketing for Google Play which has always seemed inferior and buggy compared to the iTunes app store. 

Sorry iPhone users, this is not for you! Android users, hold your heads high and create your own experience!


Renata, Graphic Designer & Photographer

The Dream Team Xx