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5 Minutes with Katrina from Buy Far

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Katrina from Buy Far is creating herself quite the dream life. Having travelled a lot over the years and constantly being complimented on her cool, unique pieces of style and accessories from around the globe, she thought it would be great to bring wanderlust style to corporate, hard-working women wanting to treat themselves and joyously recall their own travel days. Dream & Do helped bring the brand to life...

Where did the Buy Far dream start and why?

After working in Corporate for 9 years I wanted to start something of my own that could whisk me away from the daily grind. I lived and worked overseas for four years and through my travels, loved exploring and finding boutiques and brands that were a bit different to what was being sold in the bigger stores. I didn't always have the time to explore further and wished there was somewhere I could go online to shop these hidden boutiques in the one place. I wanted to start something where you could feel like you had travelled to some far off place and bought something wonderful without having to leave the office, or your home and so the idea for Buy Far was born. 


What are your favourite places in the world to travel?

My favourite place to travel would have to be Europe. I lived in London and it is one of my favourite cities in the world. During this time I did a lot of travel through Europe. My favourite countries to visit there are France, Italy and Spain. 


Describe your perfect day…

My perfect day involves waking up early (I am not a morning person so this is an achievement in itself!) and doing some form of exercise followed by a nice healthy breakfast whilst reading a book or magazine. The rest of my day would involve some work on Buy Far, spending quality time with my partner, Chris, catching up with friends and some family time.  


How did the Dream Team help bring your idea to reality?

The Dream Team were amazing in helping me to articulate Buy Far as a brand. They developed a whole brand package which involved really getting to know my customer and how we should speak and interact with them. They also developed a strategy for my Instagram, a pitch presentation to present to new clients as well as the creative direction for a video to help explain what Buy Far is all about. Creativity is not my strong point so I have found them an invaluable partner to getting Buy Far off the ground and can't thank them enough!