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A Protest Song, GayTMs + Lots of Important Messaging - Creative Show & Tell

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This morning's Show & Tell seems to be all about messaging... we shared a protest song, a video with a universal message about how we spend our time, supporting Mardi Gras with GayTMs (go ANZ!), Thankyou Water's new Chapter One video about their plans to spread the brand to New Zealand and further reduce poverty by 2030 and a cool new winery in the CBD bringing the farm to the city. Enjoy!

INSPO #1 // Everyday video

Who feels like they need one extra day in the week? One day in between Saturday and Sunday, maybe? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's one thing everyone on earth could agree on. The cinematography in this video is beautiful, and the script is incredibly 'real'. I love that the phone conversation voiceover between this young couple discusses doing ordinary day-to-day things on this extra day, those small things we never seem to get around to doing but really want to. 

I think I would get all the chores out of the way, spend time with my best friend who I never get to see enough, use the extra time to paint like I used to. What would you do on this extra day? Share with us in the comments what you would do on 'Everyday'...

Renata, Graphic Designer & Photographer

INSPO #2 // Come Home (Cardinal Pell) by Tim Minchin

This guy. Seriously. As if I could ever love him more? Turns out, yes, it's possible. A couple of weeks ago, in ONE DAY, Tim Minchin wrote, recorded, edited and produced the above song Come Home (Cardinal Pell) as a protest about George Pell's refusal to come from Rome to Australia and give evidence at the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse, apparently owing to health issues.

Tim Minchin obviously has a problem with his cushy new job in Rome that conveniently keeps him away from the victims and survivors of horrific institutionalised violence by people in the Catholic Church. So every download of his song contributed money to a GoFundMe campaign that sent 15 survivors from Ballarat over to Rome to sit in the hotel room in front of Pell while he gave evidence (it happened in the last few days - you can follow the live coverage HERE.) The campaign raised over $200,000 because YES.

Timmy has gone to ground following the release of the song - no need to shake up any bad press if he's going to eventually be sued. You know what? He decided it's worth it to get an important message out there using his insane musical talent. I have so much respect for people who are willing to put themselves on the line and tell the truth, all for the greater good.

Amy, Copywriter & Content Editor

INSPO #3 // Noisy Ritual

The Noisy Ritual is a people-powered urban winery. Yes, that's right, a people powered urban winery. And yes, it is as cool as it sounds. Based in Melbourne, the three Founders Cam, Alex and Sam came in to the idea when Cam discovered a fermenter under his house (lucky guy), and with Alex and Sam being in the wine biz, it was only natural to get their friends together and make some sweat, freshly trodden, under-the-house wine.

Rolling on from it's success, the boys decided to take it to the people, and created a unique community based experience that not only allowed you to get your hands on some amazing wine (I haven't tried it so taking the boys word on this), but to learn a thing or two about the wine making process and get down and dirty squishing the grapes.

Melbourne readers, get on to it! 

Laura, Account Manager

INSPO #4 // GayTMs

Mardi Gras last weekend reminded me of the GayTMs around Sydney last year. The creative agency that created that campaign was called the Glue Society and they do a wide variety of short films to artwork installations. Their style of work is wit created in a subtle way. One of their works that particularly appeal to me is the Doritos campaign they did (click to watch the video!). The commercial was about a Mexican doritos chip-throwing champion Esteban and his life story of his success, failures and how he became a chip-throwing legend. The plot was simple and witty, hero-ing the Dorito chip in without going overboard crazy. There is even a game for the campaign for chip throwing. Thinking outside the chip!

Rachel, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

INSPO #5 // Thankyou Chapter One

If you haven't seen it already on social media, it is time to watch a revolutionary crowd funding video from Thankyou. This puts all kickstarter campaigns to shame! It is 8 mins long, which usually I would not have the patience for; however, once you start watching you will be hooked. The clip is filmed in one shot around a huge industrial aeroplane hanger and you are really taken on the journey of what Thankyou has achieved and what they have their sights on next. A new baby range is genius, and with one on the way, something I will definitely back.

They have made it really interactive with a live feed of people packing the books and also a live tracker of what they have made to date. In one week they have made half a million dollars, but they are set to make 1.2 million. I immediately bought two copies of their books. A brilliant idea, brilliantly executed for a brilliant cause. Go Thankyou!

Tara, Founder & Creative Director

The Dream Team x