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5 Minutes with Ms Peacock Fine Chocolates

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Certainly the most delicious client we've ever had the pleasure of working with, Ms Peacock came to us after a Cereal Entrepreneurs event and brought the goods. She's a chocolatier who trained in Paris and makes the most amazing chocolates to ever pass your lips. We're obsessed. We rebranded the mysterious lady's business recently and created two characters to tell the brand story. See more about what we did here...

Why did you want to start Peacock Chocolates?

I left my corporate career after a decade to study commercial cookery and patisserie full time. I've always loved baking and making sweets but I didn't have any idea that I would fall in love with making chocolate! Initially it was just another subject but the moment I started working with chocolate, I fell in love and KNEW that I wanted my own chocolate business. I started plans for the business when my daughter was three months old and launched the business when she was six months old. It's an outlet for me, but something I'm just in love with. It's not a job, I feel blessed. My chocolate studio is my sanctuary.

How did you find working with Dream & Do and how did they help you?

Though I came from a corporate background, I kicked off the business with no real goal or vision, I just knew I wanted to make chocolate and I wanted others to enjoy it. My daughter is now two-and-a-half and I wanted to turn my passion into a profitable business. Dream & Do helped me create a real brand. Though I have a supportive husband and family, it was wonderful to talk about branding and business with an expert, and someone who I felt was as passionate about my brand as I was.

Are you living the dream, what does the future look like?

We've finalised the branding and a new delivery concept, along with some fancy packaging. Our new website will launch on 10 March just in time for Easter with our standard product range being released in April! I'd love to get involved in collaborating with brands aligned with Ms Peacock. Most importantly, I'd like to grow the business and create a solid team behind our fabulous chocolate brand.