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5 Minutes with Erica & Fiona from Naked Ambition

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Definitely one of the most fun brands we've worked with so far is Naked Ambition. Erica and Fiona have a business based in Melbourne that runs innovation and design-thinking workshops for corporate businesses to empower their team. They wanted a fresh and creative rebrand to represent the work they do and their passion in life. Read more about the branding work HERE...

Why did you come to Dream & Do?

Our brand and services is about innovation and thinking differently so we wanted every touchpoint with our customers to reflect that. We needed a rebrand because when you're so busy working in your business, it's hard to find the time to take a step back and reflect on what your brand is saying to your customers. It's good to engage with an agency to help articulate the value proposition you want to share. We had seen some of Dream & Do's previous branding work and loved the fresh, down-to-earth approach.

What was the original dream for Naked Ambition and has it come to life?

The original vision was to bring more meaning, creativity and innovation to people at work - and we've definitely done that. It's all about giving people the time and space to create things the customers want - truly find meaningful ways to go about their business in a bigger company.

How did you find working with a creative agency?

Amazing. Everything from start to finish was great, working with experts and professionals in the field. You guys also gave us a lot of options - we really like that you said ‘If this isn’t right we can pivot until it's perfect' throughout the process.