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5 Minutes with Ben & Hein from Happy Way

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We recently wrapped on a super fun project doing start-up branding for a new natural protein brand, Happy Way. Dreamed up by Ben and Hein, two guys in the fitness industry who were sick of the macho-muscle-building protein powder that was inaccessible for women, they wanted to create an awesome product for everyone to use - supermums, on-the-go professionals and everyone in between. Check out our branding work HERE...

Why did you want to start happy way?

We're both in the health industry and saw a gap in the market for protein powder and products from natural sources, which is something we're both really passionate about as individuals.

What made you come to Dream & Do?

We were referred from a friend of ours and former client of Dream & Do, Glenn from Identify Yourself. It's been a brilliant process - Dream & Do put a story to our brand and helped us realise who we are, who we want to target and talk to. They brought a funky, modern and creative flair to the brand, which is really aligned with what's in demand these days.

What's the future of Happy way look like?

It's slow going, to be honest. But once we get some traction through social media endorsements, it will start to grow organically. We want Happy Way to dominate in the local industry. Popular brands these days are such big international brands and people are really starting to appreciate local. We go down the street to the local guy who has a specialty brand of coffee, because we'd rather give people like that our money. We want to be those people with a strong online presence.