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Where are they now? with Girls Getaways

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Jen was Tara's very first client when she was a freelancer many years ago, and approached her when she started Dream & Do a little over a year ago now for a rebrand. Girls Getaways is thriving, with Jen at the helm, so we wanted to catch up with her and find out the secrets to her success and what the rebrand did to push her business forward.

What changes have you noticed in the last 12 months?

Social media point of view has been a bug push, bringing the five brand values together a little more. The whole brand and business is more cohesive now and people are identifying with it a lot more.

Have you grown your client base?

Definitely, and particularly turnover has grown too in the last year since we finished our rebrand with Dream & Do. I have a dollar turnover goal per annum and I’m currently on track, which is great, because I’ve never had one before… which sounds ridiculous! But it used to be a hobby while the girls were at school but now I’m getting into the serious stuff.

Have you added any new packages to the Girls Getaways offering?

Well we drop packages off too if they’re not popular, so we would’ve added probably 6-8 new packages, including Bali, Byron Bay, Mornington Peninsula, Balmain Bathhouse and Newcastle Hens. 

Jen with her mother, daughters and niece celebrating International Women's Day 2016

Jen with her mother, daughters and niece celebrating International Women's Day 2016

How different is your life to 12 months ago?

So different! I’ve got employees and we’ve moved into a new space. It’s not just me anymore, and I’ve brought people in to grow the business. Our office space is shared with the Naked Paleo lady and a coffee guy in Brookvale, it’s really fun. 

Are you less or more busy since bringing in help?

So much busier than 12 months ago even since hiring staff! It’s been challenging to think about spending more money on other facets of the business like staff and marketing and driving sales constantly. Before, if it got quieter then I didn’t really worry, but now I’ve got a hunger to drive forward.

What does the future look like?

Big! I want to own my own office space soon and create a female-friendly sublease for start-ups and women who are starting out and need to get out of the house. Travelling to Bali a couple of times this year, as celebrations and also research for new packages. I’m also looking at Dubai, Hawaii and Minnesota for Thanksgiving. I’d also love to tack on a group to New York at that time; I’ve got a girl on the ground there so it would be good to meet up.

Are you living the dream?

Oh yeah! I get told it all the time too. I’m so lucky and grateful and I don’t take it for granted.

Any advice for others in business?

The motto I live by a lot is ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’. You can stress about things all the time and stressing will not change it. As a business owner, you have to learn to roll with the punches, which is a hard thing to do. When starting out, just do it! There will always be something holding you back, but maybe try to figure it out and then jump in the deep end anyway. I guess that’s my personality.

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