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Why we’re committed to always keep learning and growing our knowledge

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We’re in the age of the entrepreneur, but that prolonged moment could die out at any second, to make way for something new. The world is constantly changing and evolving; globalisation, politics, social media, it all has an effect, and though it might seem bigger than life and irrelevant to your little business, everything has a way of trickling down into the cracks of society. 

Like we spoke about earlier in ‘Cover Your Butt’, you need to be on the offence as much as possible and learn all you can about your industry, entrepreneurialism and the society and culture of your target market. Though it is important to take time out and disconnect, if you stay in a cave too long, you’ll miss all-important fluctuations and it could affect your business.

One of our clients, Glenn Livingstone from sustainable fashion start-up Identify Yourself, shares the gems of wisdom that he learned from the founder of Aussie Bums underwear:

“1. Breathe.

2. Listen twice as much as you talk (this hit home!).

3. Learn to do a lot yourself; that way if things aren't going well, you’ll still have some sense of accomplishment as you’ll be learning and achieving new things.”

Stay on top of your game as much as possible, enrol in short courses, go to events, visit galleries, meet new people. It all counts toward learning and growing.

Our favourite tools for new knowledge and motivation are General Assembly, TED talks, and Creative Mornings.