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How to create a social media strategy from an expert in the know

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We spoke to a bona fide social media expert, Marielle Bagus. She’s the founder of start-up business Concept Jungle, which she started recently as a side project and recently quit her full time job because the clients were flowing in. So she knows what she’s talking about!

“Most clients I start working with have been simply posting on social media whenever they remember. I encourage them to get into the habit of setting aside time to work on content for the entire week ahead. You'll produce better quality work and it saves you from stressing, ‘what can I post about today?!’ Beyond the emphasis on forward-planning, here is some other advice I like to dish out:

  • Don't feel pressured to be across every single social media platform. Think about who your audience is and where you can reach them best. It's far more effective to nail one or two social media accounts than look weak across many.
  • Post with a purpose. An important part of a social media strategy is determining your objectives. What are your overall business goals and how will social media help you achieve them? Is it to build brand awareness? Lead generation? Are you educating your audience about a cause? These objectives should underline anything you post. 
  • Your job doesn't stop once you've posted! Take 30 minutes every day to monitor any comments or mentions and try to respond to as many as possible. If you want to take engagement to the next level, start following other relevant accounts your audience follows and join in the conversation. Your name will reach more eyeballs and you'll soon position yourself as a subject expert. It's called social media for a reason - without the social interaction part, it's just broadcasting.
  • Lastly, don't worry too much about how many followers or likes you do or don't have. It's easy to become obsessed with numbers and to take it personally when someone unfollows you. Just keep posting regularly and consistently good content - the engagement and following will come."

Our social media expert in the Dream Team, the lovely Renata, adds to these tips by telling our clients that it's important to be consistent across your Instagram. People will come across and follow you because of your visuals, tone of voice and consistent style. Where possible, try and create your own imagery because everyone's using Pinterest these days and it's easy for people to get bored of seeing the same images. You can get ahead by creating original content. They'll follow you and fall in love with your feed! Renata wrote some great posts about how Frank Body became famous on Instagram HERE that was shared over at Business Chicks and Collabosaurus!

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