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Excursion to White Rabbit Gallery - Creative Show & Tell

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Today we had a fun lunchtime excursion to White Rabbit gallery, around the corner from our office. Our Show & Tell task was to choose our favourite piece of art or installation on display and then hope we didn't choose the same ones. We only had one crossover between Tara and Renata, but it was a pretty cool one, so all is forgiven. White Rabbit curates and displays the largest collection of contemporary Chinese art in the world. Plus they serve amaaazing dumplings. The current exhibition over three floors is called Heavy Artillery.

INSPO #1 // Tank Project

The moment I walked out of the elevator on the third floor of the White Rabbit Gallery, I knew this was going to be the piece that inspired me above the others. There are so many elements to this piece that I find evocative. 

Firstly, the majesty of the piece itself; being the sole piece on the floor, its Italian tan leather was in stark contrast to the patent black room. It might sound silly, but you almost felt honoured to be in its presence. 

Secondly, the efforts taken to complete the piece was palpable. It took 35 workers, two years to hand-sew 250 full-scale leather hides with 50,000 meters of wax string. This piece weighs two tonnes and had to be crane-lifted in to the gallery.

And lastly, his motivation behind the piece. The plaque on the wall said it best:

"Crumpled on the floor as if dropped by a giant, the two-ton handbag prompts questions. Is the lust for goods and money making China soft? Or is economic power more effective than the military kind?"

Laura, Account Manager

INSPO #2 // Jiang Zhi, Love letters 2014

If I unfortunately died and my husband made art as a tribute to my death, my spirit would be happy in heaven, hell, or wherever I might be. Jiang Zhi's "Love Letters" is a tribute to his wife after she passed away at the age of 37. Jiang Zhi's wife, whose name was "orchid", which initiated the series of orchid photography. The flowers are doused in petrol, set alight and photographed. These delicate flowers were encased in film of blue and yellow flames that created an angelic glow. The photographs depict an almost surreal atmosphere of the limbo that exist between the living and the spiritual world. It was like photographing a dream, you don't know whether it was reality. Love letters was poetic and simply memorising.

Rachel, Graphic Designer

INSPO #3 // Density by Liu Wei

Photography by Renata

Photography by Renata

My favourite work was Density. I love that it was made of old textbooks and you wanted to get really close to see the texture. I felt so relaxed walking amongst these larger-than-life geometric shapes. I would love a meditation room just like this. I feel like it was almost like a charcoal sketch of 3D shapes.

Tara, Founder & Creative Director

Liu Wei works in a huge variety of media and styles, but his works centre on illusion—and the shock of its undoing. As soon as I saw this artwork it felt like I stepped into a surreal space, a new world, or into a cubist painting. It was probably the designer in me that was drawn to the geometry, the perfection, the subtleties in tone and minimalism. It just left me feeling mesmerised and 'at one'.

I love this quote from the artist, "I don't think you can really create anything...It's just a question of how you see it, from which perspective."

Renata, Graphic Designer

INSPO #4 // After the Stone Age by Song Hongquan

I was really drawn to this work because the artist chose to use stone carver tools to make exact replicas of ancient stone carver tools. I feel like there's something really interesting and cyclical in that. The last line of the plaque also reads "in his view, the last time humans were truly one with nature was the Stone Age", which makes complete sense. As humans we've evolved and developed too fast for our poor planet to keep up, and it feels like there's no turning back from the way we've destroyed the earth which inhabits us. With global warming and climate change, deforestation and depleting life in the ocean and on land, no matter how hard we try to be green and sustainable, we've come too far to retreat to the stone ages. 

Amy, Copywriter

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