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How do you organise your business tasks and goals?

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Image via  Mi Goals

Image via Mi Goals

Turn your to-do list into actionable tasks.

Our client, Sally Irwin from not-for-profit Freedom Hub, swears by using ASANA project management software and “systemising everything”! We at Dream & Do use Workflow Max.

What these programs do is allow you and your team to track their hours and projects and keeping everything flowing along nicely. You can enter each separate job or task, assign a relevant number of hours, assign a team member, set reminders, keep track of works in progress and key performance indicators (KPIs) and effectively manage projects outside of your own overworked brain.

ASANA’s list-style software allows you to track projects from start to finish so everybody’s roles and responsibilities are clear. It also means you can see the progress or a project without scheduling a meeting or sending yet another email.

Another great tool for managing your customer relationships is BASE Customer Relationship Management tool.

Base is an all-in-one sales platform used by a few of Dream & Do’s clients. It’s technology that tracks your leads and generates more revenue for your business.

You can funnel leads to the platform from your website, Excel documents and other databases, and Base manages it all effectively under one proverbial roof. 

If this all sounds very high-tech and confusing, check out the Base website, where they explain it a nice little video package. We love a good video.