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Why it’s important to have a strong tone of voice to suit your brand

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The importance of copywriting and great word-based content and communication can sometimes get lost among design and creating a visual brand identity. As Amy, our resident copywriter and content editor here at Dream & Do, would argue, words are your friends. Tone of voice and language is just as important in conveying the message of your brand. 

The best thing? Words are free! They can be used to influence, recruit, sell, market, share, and tell your story. Because everyone has a story.

Any commercial organisation is competing – for sales, clients, staff, you name it. So it’s important to differentiate yourself from the crowd. We communicate with words, as well as images. So your communication, not just your imagery, should reflect your brand’s personality.

Just like the defined set of characteristics that epitomise your brand in a visual sense, your tone of voice should also be a true reflection of the way you communicate with your target market. Think about your favourite brands and how they sell themselves. Take a look at their social media, their newsletters, their blogs, and you’ll see their personality. Is Chanel cheeky and self-deprecating? Is Frank Body serious and intellectual? What makes Cosmo different to Frankie magazine?

We've done some fun tone of voice work for some of our clients at Dream & Do, including one of our latest clients, Ms Peacock Chocolates. Our copywriter developed two separate tones of voice - one of a 1920s novelist who uses flowery language to introduce the brand story on the website and social media. The other voice is of the mysterious Ms Peacock herself - mysterious and a woman of few words, who leaves handwritten notes on the chocolate gifts she sends, but has little else to say. She lets the novelist voice overtake and tell the story of the brand.

Next time you're browsing your favourite website or Instagram, pay particular attention to the writing and tone - what are they going for? And what suits you and your brand best? Is your communication consistent?