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This week's Show & Tell is a little special. On Monday, the Dream Team took part in a Strategy Day excursion around the city of Sydney, from Customs House library to MCA rooftop, with Mary's and Kinokuniya in between. We dreamed big for the business and Tara presented her plan for the future of Dream & Do. We started the morning with a special edition of Creative Show & Tell, where we each had to present a piece of inspiration and apply it to an idea specifically for how we can grow Dream & Do.

INSPO #1 // Run Big Fish Run

It's no secret that I look to Big Fish as kind of a holy grail of creative agencies in Australia. Every year, they do a virtual fun-run called Run Big Fish Run to raise money for various charities and basically have a rad time while doing it. Last year, they live-streamed the run, which was in their office against a green screen, consisting of two teams dressed as superheroes, who run it out on two treadmills from 9-5. They raised over $14,000 for MDA. Each team member has allotted slots during which they run, and I sat and watched the whole thing while working from home that day. (It's not as creepy as it sounds, my cousin works there and I was donating moneys!) When you donate, your name pops up on their microsite and you have the freedom to type in their scrolling forum and request the runners do ridiculous things. If you're super interested, you can watch all eight hours on YouTube HERE. My idea for Dream & Do is that we should do some kind of public live performance art to attract attention and livestream it to ask for donations. All the money raised goes into a 'Dreamers' fund and new, up-and-coming not-for-profits can apply for the money that goes towards a full rebrand or creative content for their company.

Amy, Copywriter

INSPO #2 // Archie Rose

There are so many things I love about the Rosebery-based distillery Archie Rose; the incredible gin (obviously), their branding and packaging is on-point, the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and probably the nicest bunch you’ll meet, and to top it all off, they’re doing things no one else is.

What am I talking about? Archie Rose let you create your own spirit! That’s right, CREATE YOUR OWN, and they let you do it for a fraction more than the standard bottle will cost you. Tailored Spirits allows you to pick your poison (gin, vodka or whisky), you add your desired botanicals too, creating a spirit unique to you, unique to your tastes. And to really bring it home, you can customise the label. I’ll take ten please!

What I love most about this product (regardless of the alcohol content), is the thought behind it. As a customer, you feel involved, you feel heard and you come away with a product no one else has. This is pretty special if you ask me. And something we're looking at applying here at Dream & Do - currently mulling over ideas as to how to really tailor the process and welcome pack for each individual client. Any and all thoughts welcome!

Laura, Account Manager

INSPO #3 // Hidratespark

This is the coolest thing I've found recently - Hidratespark! I love that the concept came from college students who wanted to make something boring and essential as drinking water, more fun and tech. It's also tailored to every specific person so you don't have some generic, catch-all number like 'drink 2litres of water'. It's a water bottle that connects to a phone app and beeps or lights up when it's time to take a sip. We love personalised stuff here at Dream & Do.

I would love to create a community project or a Dream & Do app that collects peoples' dreams, like the I Remember website from one of our previous Show & Tells. I think that in this entrepreneurial world, many people feel isolated, like they are in competition with many people and this is a way to humanise people and empower the idea of dreaming big. 

Renata, Graphic Designer

INSPO #4 // Secret 7

I'm a big sucker for charity-based projects. So when I came across Secret 7 - I thought it was a great idea. Secret 7 is a non-profit project that combines music and art for a good cause. The project selects seven tracks from upcoming or best-known musicians and the songs are produced into 100 copies of each. The project invites artists, illustrators and designers internationally to create the sleeves of these seven tracks. All 700 copies are different and the tracks are not revealed until it's purchased and played on your record player. It's sold £50 a piece and all the proceeds go to a good cause. This year the chosen charity is Amnesty UK. The project has been a success and it's the fourth year holding this event. It really goes to show a sense of community, bringing together talent, collaboration and compassion. The idea is so simple yet executed beautifully, bringing much attention to every artist, musician and the current issue. It'll be great if Dream & Do would hold a competition to rebrand five charities that needed a good rebrand and invited any designer or student designers to enter.

Rachel, Graphic Designer

INSPO #5 // Great Fucking Start-up Advice

This year, Dream & Do would love to come up with a viral content idea for our start-up community, like this one - Great Fucking Start-up Advice. We love this simple site that takes the piss out of good advice; one-stop-shop for procrastination!

We would love to create an advice portal for our Network of Dreamers, or even pulled from around the web. This year it is all about content first, commerce second. What content can you give your audience to reel them in and what can you sell them once they are hooked?

Tara, Creative Director

The Dream Team xx