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5 Minutes with Jennifer from Her & Now

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A former finance worker turned life coach, Jennifer Lander had a dream to help and empower intelligent women. Dream & Do built her an entire brand for her new career- and business-focused coaching, driven by good solid content. Her & Now was born. Check out our work here...

1. Why did you want to start Her & Now? 

I’ve been working in corporate roles for about a decade but knew it was time for a change and I had always wanted my own business. I studied psychology at uni, have always loved personal development and love working with high-performing, inspiring people; personal/business coaching brings together all these. I’m especially passionate about advancing women in their careers so really wanted to focus on coaching female entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

2. What are you most passionate about in work and life?

At work, I’m passionate about supporting and inspiring people to live their most fulfilling life. I love travelling, food, drinks with friends, gym and yoga. I'm an early riser, and love having a coffee in bed while reading/journaling or catching up on Instagram/Facebook/funny messages with my friends. I work at my job in the city during the day, head to the gym or yoga after work and then home to work on my coaching business. It’s exhausting but when you feel like you're following your passion, it’s worth it.

3. How did Dream & Do help the dream come to life?

The Dream Team helped me come up with a brand that I absolutely love – we didn’t want the cliché over-the-top, over-inspiring life coach image. We wanted a brand for smart, real women.

It was an absolute pleasure working with the Dream & Do team – they were able to translate the image I had in my head of how I wanted the brand to be. They are so creative and came up with some great ideas for my branding and marketing to make Her & Now stand out, which is so important when you are in a crowded market.