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The F Bomb is the effing BOMB

Tara Shelton1 Comment

Kate Toholka, Penny Locaso and Sheree Rubenstein walk into a co-working space. No, it’s not the setup for a joke, it’s exactly what happened on Tuesday night at One Roof Women in Melbourne’s CBD.

Dream & Do was lucky enough to score an invite to the launch of The F Bomb, a brand spanking new series dreamt up by the aforementioned female entrepreneurs over wine and cheese (standard), aimed at changing the conversation for women in business.

In front of an impressive turnout of influential women and ANZ sponsors, Kate, Penny and Sheree briefly shared their own business stories and spoke about how The F Bomb came to be, before giving guests a special preview of the very first episode.

Featuring a lineup of well-known entrepreneurial gals gathered around Penny Locaso’s kitchen table, The F Bomb provides some insight into the realities of being a woman in business, presented in a real and raw way, minus the sugarcoating.

Post-preview, the audience had the opportunity to quiz the co-hosts about their individual journeys and ‘f-ups’, with extra addition, filmmaker Rob Moorman of Hunting With Pixels also on the panel. Rob was so passionate about the project that he lent his talents to the ladies free of charge, allowing them to create the first few F Bomb eps, fulfilling their dreams of real talk amongst women in business.

It was an inspiring evening all round - how could it not be when there’s wine, cheese and like-minded women involved? - and we for one cannot wait to tune into future episodes. Excuse our French, but if you ask us, The F Bomb is the effing BOMB.

All images by MB Captured

All images by MB Captured