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Creative Show & Tell - Dream, Girl

Tara SheltonComment

Two Co Create hosted an amazing evening for the screening of Dream, Girl at Golden Age Cinema and Bar last week, and the Dream Team share their thoughts and inspirations on the film.

'Dream, Girl' is the movie I needed. I grew up one of four girls and always dreamed of starting my own business. In fact, I had businesses before I even knew what they were. Charging my sisters to play with me and then hosting Power Ranger and Fairy parties for cash. I then pimped myself out as a tutor, babysitter and sold artwork on the weekends.

My first real business according to the law, was Moi Self. A gifting brand I started in London, which was all about 'girls helping girls.' And now, two years ago, Dream & Do was born, a creative agency for start-ups, business visionaries and dreamers everywhere. 

Being a female founder, leading an all girl team, working with heaps of female founders and recently having a baby girl; the impact of this movie was profound. It made me realise that women have so much to give and have only been given a fraction of the chance. Women are complex, emotional creatures but we are the creators, we bare children and bring intuition and empathy to our world. But one thing that women lack in this world is confidence to believe in themselves and overcome the many roadblocks that are in the way of creating what they fiercely imagine for themselves. Strong role models build confidence. With every woman who takes the chance to go and get what they believe in, there is a woman watching, listening and learning. This movie presented women from all walks of life that listened to their inner voice and surrounded themselves with others who nudged them to keep going.

This movie made me feel proud of what I have achieved, made me feel less alone with my strong desire to make an impact on this world and gave me strength to carry on. I want my daughter to look at me and believe in herself, to do whatever she dreams of in life. 

Sometimes I can feel disadvantaged being a woman in business, struggling to balance family life and self-care but this movie made me feel powerful and proud to be a woman, and that I have a business who's mission is to help others go for it like I did. What they don't realise, is how much they inspire me to keep going too.

Tara, Creative Director

Honestly, this film made me a bit emotional. Maybe it's the gushing hormones of my pregnancy, but I felt real female empowerment watching this documentary. If I could, I would watch it over and over again.

The film is about female entrepreneurs and how there is a blooming industry of women of making "Girl Boss" a true reality. It showcased 5 or more ambitious and inspiring female founders/co-founders of startups/organisations and they share their stories about gender inequality throughout the workforce in America. Breaking stigma, these ladies discuss their struggles and success of making it in the real world. A lot of these issues of gender, racial inequality still exists in the world and it's not heavily discussed enough even in the female sector. I remember watching this film and being hopeful that my unborn baby girl is going to be born into a world of female empowerment and hopefully be free from these gender prejudices in the workforce. I hope that one day she can be strong enough to carve her own destiny, be part of this feminist movement and be a part of this change in this world.

Note to the unborn baby girl - Dream Big. Dream, Girl

Rachel, Mama-to-be

Some may cringe at the term "Girl Power" but I am all for it. The moment the film ended, there were total girl power vibes in the air - feelings of understanding, support, excitement and inspiration filled me up.

As women, we face societal, cultural and financial roadblocks when it comes to chasing our dreams, and whilst we still have a way to go in the world, I really feel like we are inching closer each day to equality and we're getting louder and braver and we can't and we won't be stopped.

The impossible is becoming the possible within this amazing network of female entrepreneurs who not only want to accomplish their dreams, but help others along the way. I think this is the true beauty of the sisterhood. The future is female!

Danielle, Graphic Designer

It's hard to know where to start when talking about how this documentary inspired me, because it touched me in so many ways and it's made me truly thankful to be where I am, working with the amazing women that I do. 

Firstly, an amazing shout out to the wonderful Mili Barac from Two Co Create for being apart of this project and hosting this amazing screening. You in yourself are an inspiration, following your dreams and pushing past insecurities, you should be very proud of yourself.

Secondly, to the inspiring women featured in the documentary and their incredible stories. There are so many minorities that suffer at the hands of tradition, and I'm so proud to see so many strong and resilient women blazing the trail. There is strength in unity, and I know this documentary will inspire others to follow their dreams.

And lastly, to Dream, Girl Producers Erin Bagwell & Komal Minhas, thank you. You've created something truly wonderful, and even though you wont be able to hear them, there will be women all over the world truly thanking you for your contribution.

Laura, Account Manager