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Dream Mission: Turning Dreams into Reality

Tara SheltonComment

Hi fellow Dreamers!

Here at Dream & Do we are all so passionate about giving people the courage to follow their dreams. It’s our brand mission to help 1,111 people (our founder Tara has a huge thing with 11’s - we love numerology!) by giving them a strong and conceptual brand that they are proud of and feel comfortable in. It’s this comfort that makes people brave enough to step out and sell their WHY.

We know following your passion and showing your craft to the world is incredibly scary. It’s revealing a big piece of yourself to a bunch of strangers. Thoughts like “What will people say?”, “I don’t understand design, I’m not creative”, “I feel so stuck in my business” and “I might fail…” are all too common. This is where it helps you to really understand your WHY, your purpose for starting your business. When days are rough I’m always coming back to my why. It’s focusing on this feeling that makes me get out of bed in the morning, it reminds me to stay on my path, to follow my true purpose.

It’s your turn! Step out into the universe with your best foot forward.

***We are offering a FREE brand workshop (Valued at $1500) as well as FREE Creative Coaching (Valued at $780) ***

This includes all the important bits like helping you figure out your WHY, your values, brand purpose, and understanding your customer.


To win this baby for you or your friend, simply follow us on instagram @_dreamanddo_, repost this photo, tag us and use the hashtag #dreamanddocreative in your caption. Tag in your amazingly talented friend that has always been a dreamer. It’s everyone’s time to be a DOER. 

Love, the Dream Team x

UPDATE: We've extended the competition until October 31st! 


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