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Fun Type, Good Copy + Always Coffee - Creative Show & Tell

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This week's Creative Show & Tell was pretty lighthearted, for once. We can get pretty deep here at Dream & Do, so it was a fun time to just pass around great examples of copy, type and design that we found around the web lately. Enjoy!

INSPO #1 // Datebox

Recently on Facebook, my friend posted an ad called "DateBox". The tagline was what enticed me to press the ad: "Your relationship matters" and it takes you to a landing page with a cute illustration of a courier truck delivering your dream date. The datebox is a monthly subscription where they curate a romantic date in a box, and they send all the essentials to you for a very creative date.

So, for example, last year in December, the theme was Christmas and they had couples build a gingerbread house and enter the competition. They sent mugs, hot cocoa powder, gingerbread house set and everything that could spice up the date. When finished, couples could post it up on Instagram and win a trip to Maui for the weekend. The dates ranges from home dates to cooking dates, to scavenger hunt dates. Of course, this is an American start-up that's only launched late last year, but I like the concept having a date organised for you every month and it's a surprise every time. The cheesy tone of voice works too. I'll try it if anyone starts it in Sydney =).

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.05.42 am.png

Rachel, Graphic Designer

INSPO #2 // Madame Flavour teas


Surprise surprise, I brought in an example of copywriting today. So shoot me! (Don't.) The other day at Uni, I was procrastinating, as I tend to do, and picked up someone's box of Madame Flavour tea. I read the packaging, which is also something I tend to do, and was struck by the cute little story on the back. It's very personal, creating and building a story into the brand. It reminded me a bit of what we're working on for our client, Ms Peacock Chocolates, lately - which will all be revealed soon!

There are some real black-and-white photos along one side, too, sharing the story of the founder's mother and her tea-drinking habits. Best of all, they've created a personality for Madame Flavour, which can also be read on the website.

Amy, Copywriter

INSPO #3 // Chilli Philly

My inspiration this week is not new thing, in fact, he’s been around for awhile - 139k Instagram followers a while - but somehow has only just come to my attention. So I’m doing it anyway, just in case you missed it too!

Phil Ferguson aka Chiliphilly is a CRAFT GOD living in Melbourne. He crochets the coolest food-related hats and puts them on social for the purpose of fun times, making friends and being a rad, creative dude. He is also a Brand Ambassador for the Satellite Foundation, a charity helping children, young people and parents through mental illness. What a guy, right?

Laura, Account Manager

INSPO #4 // Type Your Design

The Type Your Design platform was created by SuperPowered Amsterdam, the Agency of Things. It was inspired by the 36 Days of Type challenge - a project that aims to be a space for creation around typography and its endless possibilities.

My favourite aspect about this website is the interactivity and connectivity between platforms - the way you type in letters and the site will pull a random design of that letter created by a user who submitted it to the hashtag #36daysoftype. Each time you type in the same letter it's another unique design and so you get these crazy combinations you normally wouldn't put together, which is fun.

The best part of course is it brings Instagram back to its roots - a platform that allows people to find each other following a certain hashtag and create a small community around that. It also gives artists credit where it is due and makes them more findable.

Renata, Graphic Designer

The Dream Team x