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A Mis-Match of Creative Inspo - Creative Show & Tell

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Morning picnics in Central Park make for the best Creative Show & Tell meetings - especially on a 40-degree day! Here's our round-up this week...

INSPO #1 // Big Mother


Nobrow Press London released a series called Big Mother which features only illustrators and solely showcases work from one illustrator per book. Big Mother No.3 artist/illustrator particularly spoke to me: Helsinki-born Riikka Sormumen. She briefly studied fashion design but decided to focus on her art and illustrations. In the book is 20 of her beautiful watercolour gouache prints with accents of Gustav Klimt's surreal quality, followed by intricate sets and fashion that she paints for her colourful characters. Each print provokes a covet, mysterious mood that questions the purpose of its composition. It's said that her moody characters depict her alter ego, her ideal self and versions of her husband. It's hard to say that her illustrations are not inspiring and I find myself immersed in her world every time I look at it. Even today my colleague Renata found a shark in one of her prints. Crazy!! And I looked at the book like a hundred times! Big fan, Riikka Sormumen.

Rachel, Designer


My Creative Show & Tell this week is a beautiful interactive site, supporting Alzheimer's disease, called I Remember. The website actually fades and will disappear if you don't contribute your memories to it. You can search memories, like "Grandma" and everyone's memories will rise from the ground for you to read. Spending a few minutes with this site really does make you feel grateful that we can "remember" and spare a thought for those who no longer can due to this horrible disease.

Tara, Creative Director

INSPO #3 // Show Your Work

This book is an old favourite of mine that I've decided to pick up again in the new year. I really enjoyed the first book 'Steal Like an Artist' and this one is just as important in the bigger picture of being a creative. It's about getting found by being findable, about using the network instead of wasting time networking. It has practical advice and information you can actually use and add to your process to make sure you're doing all you can as a creative and not miss any steps. I feel a lot of books giving advice on creativity are uninspired and more of the same-old information but this one still manages to maintain some gems. In the least it makes you feel better about where you are and where you're going. 

It reminds you that as an artist, writer, maker and creative entrepreneur you have to be open, generous and brave.

Renata, Designer

INSPO #4 // The Rabbits

Oh Sydney Festival! It’s my second favourite time of the year (first is Christmas, obviously!). This year especially has me excited and there was one performance in particular that really spoke to me. I attended the opening night of The Rabbits, a co-pro with Opera Australia & Barking Gecko Theatre, at the Roslyn Packer Theatre in Walsh Bay.

This modern opera is an adaptation of John Marsden and Shaun Tan’s illustration book of the same name, which tells the gut-wrenching story of colonisation in Australia. The story is eloquently told with spatterings of well-timed humour, but provides a sobering insight into our country's brief history. Word of advice, pack the tissues.

Season running 14–24 January.

Laura, Account Manager

INSPO #5 // Bookabuy

Yes, we've already featured Bookabuy on Creative Show & Tell late last year (big fans, right here!) but since I received a book subscription for Christmas, I thought I'd bring in the materials included in the package to show the team. A bookmark, postcard, business card and sticker. Pretty good, buuuuut I thought it would be a fun way to start the morning by getting everyone to brainstorm ideas for how to make this creative content even COOLER. We brainstormed creative content ideas that would make customers want to share on social media and tell the world about Bookabuy. Here's what we came up with:

- A beautifully illustrated bookmark, personalised either for the reader or the book they're reading.

- Make more of the mystery package subscription with fun clues about the book you're about to unwrap, or about the 'anonymous' sender. We're creating something similar (think Cluedo, Gatsby-style, with chocolate) for our client Ms Peacock Chocolates right now!

- The postcard could be a pay-it-forward style card with questions to fill out like 'Hey ___, I thought you would love this book because ___. It reminds me of ___.' To encourage readers to pass their books onto friends who need a good recommendation or need to read more for fun.

- A travelling "gypsy" van that's like a little library of floor to ceiling books, where you can have your "book fortune" read and a book or Bookabuy subscription personalised for you. You follow the Bookabuy van on Twitter or Insta to find out the next location. To take it even further, imagine if it was a virtual library inside the van and each question you answer 'blacks out' more book covers displayed around the walls, until there's one left - your book! Talk about user experience!

Dear Bookabuy, hit us up so we can have coffee and chat!

Amy, Copywriter

The Dream Team xx