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This week's showcase of inspiration comes from around the web, the streets and the newsagent shelves. It's safe to say that we're a little obsessed with magazines here at Dream & Do, but this week we've thrown in a TED talk and a lentil restaurant, for good measure. Enjoy and Happy Wednesday!

INSPO #1 // TED Talk – How to Create Company with No Rules

Ricardo Semler’s TED talk is definitely my most favourite one to date. I’ve watched it about four times, and every time I take something new from it, furiously scribbling notes. TED talks give you a new way of thinking, but this one gives you 50. Please, I cannot stress enough, to schedule in 20 minutes of your life to watch this. Even though we were running a bit overtime this morning, I made the Dream Team watch it with me and of course we were all inspired afterwards. We’re going to work on creating the 10 Commandments of Working at Dream & Do soon, so watch this space!

If you do not have time to watch the video right now, I’ll leave you with these three thoughts:

Why is this so inspiring? It makes us challenge the things in society that are assumed. It shows that these kinds of ideas are not reserved for hippie communes tucked away under a rock, but can influence large, successful, multi-million-dollar businesses. Above all, it reassures me that I can lead a ‘successful’ business with these kinds of ideals, instead of conforming to the status quo and doing what’s expected of a ‘boss’.

Tara, Founder & Creative Director

INSPO #2 // Collection of Documentaries magazine

This is much more than a magazine, it's a book. It's something you find and want to keep. Proudly leaving on your coffee table or bookshelf. The way Collection of Documentaries has been designed, using lots of white space, makes it feel like I'm flicking through a tangible art gallery, accompanied by great photo-essays. With there being a lot of magazines currently out in the market, you'd assumed any new magazine would try to be loud with their online presence and cover design. However, C.O.D is all white, front and back cover, with a small title on the bottom left. Understated? Maybe. I think it just speaks for itself. It has a quiet confidence that it'll make its way into the right hands - to people that will recognise the value of it and keep it as a design piece. Against today's Instagram culture, you can't even find it on Instagram or any other social media. The website has nothing but an email address. Love this! 

After some googling, I found out that the editor and creator is London-based hairdresser, Lee Crichton. He loved the magazine about London culture called The Face and wanted to create something similar, so they collaborated and Crichton pretty much ended up funding it himself. What this really proves to me is that if you have a dream that is real, true to your passions, it will come to fruition. 

“Believe! Try and create something meaningful to you, because if you don’t believe in it no one else will. Get in touch with someone you admire who has made a publication, and if they don’t reply then pester them until they do. Getting advice from your idol will make you succeed, well it did for me…” - Lee Crichton

Renata, Graphic Designer & Photographer

INSPO #3 // Brewster magazine, with 3D glasses

As a hardcore (borderline obsessive) magazine lover, when I see a mini mag wrapped in plastic containing 3D glasses, I have to buy it. Brewster is a magazine celebrating history and stereography (I googled it – it basically means 3D images). The name ‘Brewster’ comes from Sir David Brewster, the first dude to invent a portable 3D device, and the kaleidoscope. For a bibliophile like myself, this line on their website sent a shiver up my spine: “There’s beauty gathering dust in our libraries, archives and attics, and Brewster is dedicated to uncovering some of it to send back out into the world.” Founders Lauren Smith (words) and Filip Bartkowiak (design) work in publishing by day, stereographic superheroes by night. Their love project is a curatorial pairing of images they’ve found in libraries, with an historic piece of writing. Though this is the first issue I’ve discovered (#3), it’s released every four months, set in a different country.

Discovered on the weekend in Blackbird Corner, I didn’t even need to open the package to know it was awesome. The fact that it’s wrapped feels a bit secretive, like a porn mag (lol) and makes you want to find out what’s inside. The 3D glasses naturally evoke that ever-important sense of nostalgia. As a wordaholic, I obviously love the longform story inside; in a media world saturated with short snippets of copy to hold our attention, seeing so many words on the page makes you feel like there’s a story here that’s worth telling. Check out this video for more info...

Amy, Copywriter & Content Editor



INSPO #4 // Lentil As Anything

Last week, I finally got around to visiting Lentil As Anything, after having several friends insist that I was "gonna freakin’ love it". I've been back three times since, which I guess proves how well they know me. The food is vegetarian and you pay however much you want. The staff are all volunteers (and happen to be super-friendly and super-hot). They play great music. Everyone sits around big tables, either with their heads buried in books, making new friends, drawing, or talking about stuff that actually matters. They serve chai. They have weekly ' pay as you can' yoga, salsa and Spanish classes. Need I continue...?? 

Basically, this place is my idea of heaven. And as if it couldn't get any better, their philosophy is to give people the opportunity to contribute towards a world where respect, generosity, trust, equality, freedom and kindness rule. They feel that nobody should be excluded in society due to money and the idea that those who can afford to pay more, will do (to make up for those who can't) is truly wonderful. This place is beaming with community spirit and positive vibes and I encourage everyone who has the opportunity, to pop in, get involved, and check out the events they have coming up soon.

Jo, Creative Coordinator

The Dream Team x