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Lessons in #LetGo and Being (Anti) Cool - Creative Show & Tell

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Happy hump day! Here’s our list of inspiration we’ve found during the week. Read it and weep (with joy)…

INSPO #1 // #LetGo video campaign

I suggest you watch this video now, before you read this blog post…

Okay, how do you feel? Silenced? Calm? Shaken up by a real thought, a real insight? Your life won't be the same, will it? Mine isn’t.

This piece of branded content is by communications agency, SouthPaw. I have watched this video three times now, not only because of the wise knowledge that these elderly women give, but because it is a great example of branded content. You don't really understand who’s promoting this ideal but you want to find out. It is Sanctuary Day Spa, in Covent Garden, London. It’s the first brand-focused marketing campaign, conceptualised as #LetGo. I have actually been to this day spa a couple of times and it delivers on its promise. The swing in the video actually exists and they have sleeping pods where you enter this black room on a warm reclined bed, your eyes are covered and you listen to a meditation tape, which is all about you in a secret garden. Within three mins you are asleep, and when a lady gently wakes you and says you have been asleep for 15 minutes, it felt like a lifetime. 

Last night I turned off my phone, prolonged that kiss and didn't worry about today. I not only felt grateful for being young, but that I am young enough to form these habits of seizing the moment and living a life of no regrets. 

Congratulations Southpaw and Sanctuary Day Spa. You nailed this one. 

Tara, Founder & Creative Director

INSPO #2 // Wet – Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl

Is it me, or is it rare nowadays for a music video to hit you like a ton of bricks? Mainstream media, what you see on MTV, etc., seems to be all about that sexy body, that larger-than-life big booty and silky skin. I'm a tiny white-girl coming out of winter, so this is all very hard to identify with! They all definitely grab attention, which is hard to do with our short attention spans, desensitised to the most outrageous things with every new generation.

But do not despair, since if that is all we see it just opens up more opportunities to become creative - and this video is an example of that. It had my designer eye frothing, reminding me of a moving fashion spread or lookbook with the frame-within-a-frame, which is not surprising as it was directed by BEAUTY TODAY magazine. They seek to challenge the conventions of gender and sexuality. It's simply something I haven't seen done before and the shots of nature were truly mesmerising.

Of course, to be fair, this amazing clip is paired with an ethereal song and I think all our lives will be better off by listening to this sweet tune.

Renata, Designer & Photographer

INSPO #3 // Rosie Waterland: The Anti-Cool Girl

Image from HarperCollins

Image from HarperCollins

My inspiration for today is Rosie Waterland’s first book and memoir ‘The Anti-Cool Girl’. The reason is threefold:

1. I effing love Rosie so much. Big fan. I read all her articles (long before The Bachelor even came on TV, so I promise I’m not just jumping on the bandwagon #analglands!)

2. The title of the book captured my attention, because I also run the blog Cool People Doing Cool Things. So that’s COOL.

3. I love books. Derr.

I’ve had Rosie on my list of people to interview for the Cool People blog since I started in February. Obviously, as a writer of words, I’m inspired by her writing of the words, but also because she writes so openly about women owing themselves and not trying hard to be the ‘cool girl’. Because fuck that. Cool People Doing Cool Things is all about showcasing the people out there who are living their truth, defying the odds and busting a gut to make shit happen. I spend a fair bit of time discussing what’s cool, and what’s not, looking into discursive meanings of COOL in this day and age and redefining that shit. Because joggers and jeans can be cool if you OWN it. Rosie, as the anti-cool girl, is exactly what my new idea of COOL epitomises. Semantics … hmmm. Love me a bit of nerd wordplay.

The very first article of Rosie’s I read was this one here, about how editor-in-chief Jamila believed in her and gave her a job, despite her anxiety and lack of confidence. It made me wish, at the time, that I had an employer who was so understanding and aware of mental health issues (I’ve now found that in Tara … aww).

At Dream & Do, we’ve also been talking lately about PR strategies like piggy-backing, which the Mamamia team have executed perfectly by promoting Rosie’s book in alignment with the latest season of The Bachelor, for which she’s well known owing to her infamous and hilarious episode reviews. Props to you guys.

In summation, I haven’t read the book yet but I’m SO EXCITED to grab my copy. I’ve read the extract and Rosie, I have no words. Big love.

Amy, Copywriter & Content Editor

INSPO #4 // Red Bull ‘Can You Make It’ challenge

The Red Bull ‘Can You Make It?’ challenge was a campaign that took place earlier this year, giving students the chance to travel around Europe in teams of three, with nothing more than 24 cans of Red Bull, a touch of charm and endless amounts of initiative. Starting in one of four countries - London, Paris, Vienna or Milan - the teams made their way to Berlin via at least six of the 12 check points along the way, exchanging their cans of Red Bull for accommodation, travel, food and everything in between… in true Burning Man style. They were signed up to a ‘code of honour’ that included no use of personal mobile phones, no money and no credit cards.

I think this is such an amazing way to get the point across that Red Bull really does ‘Give you wings’. The company are essentially gathering advocates to prove the value of their energy drink – all of whom are willing to do it for free… in the name of fun! A win-win situation for everyone, while also being an excellent talking point and a campaign that’ll be remembered for a long time to come! I think this could also act as a massive inspiration to a lot of us, either to encourage travel to those who perhaps don’t feel they can afford it or to remind us that money isn’t everything and we can clearly ‘get by’ without it if we really set our minds to it. Plus, their website is very cool and interactive, which we love here at Dream & Do.

"Money is good for nothing unless you know the value of it by experience".
P.T Barnum

Jo, Creative Coordinator

The Dream Team x