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You might recognise Amy as our copywriter and content editor here at Dream & Do, but did you know that she also runs an online publication called Cool People Doing Cool Things?! That's how we came across Amy and her words originally... she interviewed Tara for her blog. (story coming soon!) We took 5 minutes to chat with her about the idea and the journey of Cool People, including the COOL rebrand we recently finished for her site. See more here...

Why did you start Cool People Doing Cool Things?

Photography by Prue Aja

Photography by Prue Aja

I’ve had this idea for about three years but never started. I am just constantly inspired by the stories of people around me, and people I hear about, who are doing really cool things with their lives. Whether they’re following their creative passion alongside their day job, or they’ve quit everything  they know to pursue something else… and just giving back to the community, and to the world, in some way. I was desperate to share these stories. Then I remembered that I’m a writer, and I don’t need permission from anyone to just DO IT.

What does COOL mean to you?

99.9% of people I’ve interviewed so far have said something along the lines of, ‘Oh, but I’m not cool…’ And I think that is the coolest thing of all. Cool is owning yourself, being authentic, spreading love and kindness, and just not giving a damn what others think. When I ask people to tell me the coolest person they know, the reasons are always beautiful. No one has ever said, ‘My friend is so cool because she’s really fashionable and wears brand name clothes.’ It’s always ‘My grandmother because she taught me to accept people for who they are’ or ‘My husband because he keeps me grounded.’ That is so cool.

What did the new branding do for your website?

The Dream Team helped hone my focus, and taught me that it’s cool and daring to stand out from the crowd and do the opposite of what people expect. We are so over-saturated by inspirational quotes and cursive typography on Instagram and other websites, so they created something bold and retro-style to be totally different from all that. They also created a #coolshit Instagram strategy that kind of looks at the discursive meaning of COOL – what’s actually cool? What’s not cool? Is what’s not cool actually kind of cool? Oh and the website looks fricking amazing.