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5 Minutes with Linda from LUNCH LADY LOU

Our ClientsTara SheltonComment

Lou is one of our favourite clients, and she was kind enough to share some of her dreams and insights with The Dream Team. See more of Dream & Do's branding work for Lunch Lady Lou here.

Why did you want to start Lunch Lady Lou?

I worked in the city and there were no healthy, real-food options around. They were filled with nasty ingredients, or three-day-old lentil salads. The one healthy place I could get to was a half hour walk there, and then half hour back. So I had to fill that gap.

Are you living the dream?

Yes. Absolutely! I don’t really know what the dream is, but it’s working…

What has Dream & Do done for your brand?

They have made it look pretty! Which sounds a bit lame… They’ve taken my ideas out of my brain and made it come to life in the brand. I’d been trying to articulate my idea and my brand through my Instagram, for example, and then Tara swooped in with the strategy of images being ‘white, plain, no frills, to show the simple, minimal ingredients, etc’ and it was everything I’d been thinking of, but didn’t know how to do yet. It’s been amazing.