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5 Minutes with Jen from GIRLS GETAWAYS

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Our BFF (Business Friends Forever!), Jen, shares her thoughts on the GIRLS GETAWAYS rebrand. Read about what Dream & Do did for the business here.

Why did you want to start Girls Getaways?

It really just evolved into something. I was always helping friends organising their travel, and I had a friend ask me to help organise a hen’s party. She said ‘You could start this into a business!’ I had a background in events, so the conception of the idea was there seven years ago. It just kind of sat there idly, I had a few clients, and then the kids left for school and I thought, ‘Right, this is my baby. This is what I want to do.’ Then the rebrand happened a year ago.



What do you value most in life?

My family, my wellbeing, and the ability to travel.

How has Dream & Do helped your business?

Dream & Do has been by my side, it’s an essential part of my business and part of the Girls Getaways family. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do it all. The rebrand really helped me own my brand, and be more aware of staying on brand and, I suppose, what a brand really means. The best thing was the five brand values that Tara created for Girls Getaways, with my input. I’ve been given a stronger vision and purpose. I feel so lucky – I have 100% faith in Dream & Do and what they’ll continue to create for my business.