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5 Minutes with Greg from BETTER BEING

Our ClientsTara SheltonComment

Thanks to one of our best clients and founder of Better Being, Greg, for chatting with us about his business and the new branding by Dream & Do. Read more about our work here.

Why did you start Better Being?

I wanted to work in the personal training industry and work with elite-level athletes so I went to Uni to do sport and exercise science. When I looked around at the industry, I saw everyone finished with the same piece of paper but were differentiated by their experiences. So once I was qualified I set up Better Being, and eventually decided to employ only University-qualified trainers into the company. It’s easy to get a PT qualification these days – it can take four weeks and that’s not good enough for my clients. It needs to be a better industry, particularly for the clients I attract and the relationship I’m building.

What’s your favourite vegetable?

Sweet potato. Usually three times a day.

What was it like to work with Dream & Do?

Awesome, unbelievable. I’ve known Tara for a number of years and she’s always been crazy, adventurous and driven, so when she started Dream & Do I knew it would be successful. She’s been able to build an amazing team of like-minded people. For me, as a business owner, it makes it really enjoyable because her strengths are different to our strengths. She gets us to think about our business and clients and look at how we’re communicating on all levels to improve the client journey. Dream & Do is more than just design, it’s more like a business package.