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5 Minutes with Glenn from IDENTIFY YOURSELF

Our ClientsTara SheltonComment

Glenn, founder and bearded guy behind IdentifYYourself, kindly shares some behind-the-scenes info about his start-up sustainable fashion label.

Why did you start Identify Yourself?

It was something that I knew needed to happen and I had the desire. I was working in an industry that was very unfulfilling, I knew it wasn’t my calling. So I guess you could say Identify Yourself was born from a bit of soul-searching. The business became my avenue for that creative outlet and the vehicle to make a difference. It’s my way of leaving a legacy and I feel good about that decision.

What does your chest tattoo mean?

So my chest has three roses – my father, my seven-year-old brother, and my mother – it’s kind of about them standing over him, protecting him and letting him blossom. He’s the centrepiece. I have three other brothers and two sisters, and they’re all represented by roses that’s now my left sleeve. We’re all joined by blood, by the rose vines, and it’s about the strength of family.

What has Dream & Do done for your brand?

Dream & Do has helped me create the brand from scratch and really etched out what Identify Yourself is and what it stands for. They’ve helped me communicate who my customer is, and what the brand really is – the nuts and bolts.