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5 Minutes with Daniela from APG & CO

Our ClientsTara SheltonComment

Thanks to Daniela from APG & Co for having a quick chat with us about The Apparel Group's rebrand. See Dream & Do's work for the brand here.

Why did The Apparel Group want to rebrand?

The Apparel Group re-branded to APG & Co as we had two businesses operating under the same name and we wanted to differentiate and separate them. Also, we wanted to set the business up for the future, in the sense that we aren’t just apparel, we could house anything.

How has the rebrand made a difference?

Definitely. In addition to aesthetically looking fresher and more contemporary, we reinvigorated our mission and values and have launched that in the business with great success. Rebranding has assisted APG & Co in building a real team philosophy.

What was it like to work with Dream & Do?

A dream! Cliché, I know. But it was easy. Very professional but always a personal touch. Tara was very amenable and full of great ideas.