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5 Minutes with Aaron from BILLY + DALLAS

Tara SheltonComment

Aaron, one of the founders of shaving subscription service, Billy + Dallas, chats to us about the idea behind the business and the branding by Dream & Do. Read more here.

Why did you want to start Billy + Dallas?

We [Aaron and the three other founders] wanted to retire at a younger age! No, I know that having your own business is hard work to get things up and running, but it does offer a lot of freedom down the track. I’ve always wanted my own business and have been driven by that; I’ve been working in a few different businesses and tech start-ups in the corporate world to pay my dues and learn as much as possible. Now I’ve launched my own tech-start-up, Vamp, which will be listed on ASX by next year.

What’s the dream future for your business?

We started with a shaving subscription model, similar to Harry’s in the US, but found a gap in the Australian market. With the help of Dream & Do, we’ve built the brand to be in and of itself, rather than limited to shaving, so that it can cross into different things, possibly underwear and socks. So now we want to build an empire around the brand.

How important was Dream & Do to your vision?

Really important. I came to Tara and pretty much said I wanted to copy a business. She gave us guidance and helped us create our own footprint, with our own spin on the model so what it’s more relevant to us and what we’re passionate about. She even helped shape the name of it, she said to call it after our grandfathers. By the time we were finished with Dream & Do, we were more in love with it and felt so passionate about the brand.

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